Anybody Can Be Intuitive- 6 Requirements to Develop ESP

Apart from the five senses, we are also born with a better ability to understand and interpret the world, and that can be termed as “intuition”. Only those who believe in it can make use of it.


As kids we all have used our intuition, every baby follows its inner voice to recognize people who love them.


Some of us do believe in ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) but, they are not able to make use of it as there are certain requirements to develop ESP and we will discuss them in detail here.


6 Requirements to Develop ESP:-



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There is nothing more powerful in this world than faith (faith is actually unconditional love for universal consciousness, which is our true nature).

We have seen miracles happening in all cult and religion, no matter in what form when we believe and have faith in what operates beyond our visual world, it will unconditionally work in our favor.

So in order to increase your psychic abilities, you will first have to develop a strong unshakable faith!


#2- Let Go:-

Only a person who can be detached with the results can access his psychic abilities properly since being too much concerned with success or failure is a clear indication of “doubt”.

When you will learn to treat success and failures in the same manner then only you can use your sixth sense.




Using this inner guide is all about being more conscious and all psychic abilities require you to be in the present moment completely to see what every moment is bringing to you.

There are no accidents in this world; everything happens for a reason and going deep into your inner world by meditating enables you to realize this.


#4- Ego Check


It is very important to keep an eye on your ego. Whenever a person gets a feeling of “look here, I can do this” he will fail most of the time and the chance of succeeding is purely based on luck.

The best way to eliminate this ego state is to offer the credit to a higher power by being grateful whenever you succeed.





It is always necessary to keep learning, knowledge is the only way to stay in the right path.

Books, people, and nature are all great teachers. We should be open to whatever the universe brings to us by being more receptive to knowledge.

A more conscious person is always engaged in learning; knowledge clears off any accumulated doubts from our mind.


#6-Being Playful


This is the key to master the extraordinary abilities, when you play with your psychic powers then you can see it working like a magic…

Who will make the next phone call to me? , Who will be the next person to enter the room? Which movie will be on TV tonight?

Be playful like this with just the intention of smiling with wonder when you succeed or fail.


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