Best Time to Induce Lucid Dreams-Set Your Alarm Clock

The best time to induce lucid dreams according to the experts is the last few hours before you usually wake up, it could be one or two hours prior to the normal time at which you normally wake up.

Though I have always been interested in lucid dreaming for years, I learned something very important about how to induce lucid dreams from Andrew Holecek’s Dream Sculpting program, it is all about the “awareness”.

Our chances of becoming conscious inside our dreams highly depends on how much conscious awareness we have in our waking life, before stumbling upon that program I hardly ever understood that there is a great connection between my waking life and dream world, in fact, the ancient Tibetan dream yoga is not much different from our normal lucid dreams when it comes to maintaining awareness.

The reason why these few hours before our usual waking is perfect for lucid dreaming is because we are highly aware during those times, our mind goes to the rapid eye moment phase which is the nearest to the waking stage and that’s where we experience dreams.

Most Effective Lucid Dream Induction Technique

The technique that works for me the most is very simple because it is all based on this particular clock time we have been talking about here, all you need to do is to develop a habit of waking before your usual time and practice few lucid dreaming techniques like dream visualization or lucid dream meditation, sometimes simply trying to maintain the awareness is enough.

A lot of people find this time most appropriate to perform wake induced lucid dream method (WILD technique).

One thing you must keep in mind is that there is a lot of chance that you will experience sleep paralysis and false awakening by trying this, which can be really troublesome, but with proper understanding and practice, you will be able to convert your sleep paralysis into a lucid dream.

Lucid Dreaming in the Daytime

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Many people claim that the short afternoon naps or daytime sleep help them to get frequent lucid dreams, however, lucid dream hours vary from person to person, only you can find out the best time for you.

I used to reach the semi lucid dreaming state very easily during daytime naps and the daytime dreams are much easier to recall but my vivid lucid dreams mostly occur during early morning hours(when the rapid eye moment happens).

Simple Tips for Inducing Lucid Dreams:-

1- First and the foremost tip is to stay relaxed while you are trying to have lucid dreams because a lot of efforts can make lucid dreaming difficult for you.

2- Read some pages of lucid dreaming books or use any program before you go to sleep so that your mind is filled with the thoughts about conscious dreaming before you fall asleep.

3- Keep your dream journal beside you so that you can write your dreams as soon as you wake up.

4- Perform reality checks regularly.

5- Talk about your dreams with others.

6 – Most importantly, set the alarm and detect the time at which you get most of your dreams.


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