7 Quick Tips for the Law of Attraction Beginners!

Like any other skill, using and applying laws of universe is also a subject which needs learning, practice and patience.

If you are new to the subject that we call metaphysics then there are few tips by following which you can be more successful in the long run.

The advantage of knowing these few basic things about the law of attraction is that one can proceed in the right direction and develop more faith on his power to create the lifestyle that he desires.

So, below I am going to enlist some points that one may find helpful while using the law of attraction:-

1-Start with Small Things

One of the biggest mistakes that people often make is setting goals that are unattainable.

If you are just starting then why don’t you start with a small goal?

Small goals get manifested easily and because of that the person gains more confidence to proceed further. People who go step by step will learn using the universal laws more accurately and effortlessly.

2-Use Music for Creative Visualization

A person’s ability to visualize becomes smoother when he uses music while imagining; music is one of the best catalysts for creative visualization.

3-Practise Mindfulness

A person who is new to such information usually becomes very impatient about the results which actually keeps him away from manifesting his desire.

“Letting go” is one of the main steps and in order to release the resistance which holds a person away from reaching his desired goals one has to be at peace with his present moment, for this one can practice mindfulness to become more aware and conscious of his own thoughts.

4- Follow a Program or Book

Some people hire mentors or life coaches which is a good step to be taken, but there are countless books and products available now days which can help you to stay focused. Which one?

I have made the list of the best law of attraction books based on my opinion and in programs, I am using Jeffrey Allen’s Duality these days and it is very good.


Apart from mindfulness, it is vital to meditate everyday by setting a few minutes aside from your schedule. By meditating daily you can empty your mind and invite good thoughts for the rest of your day.

6-Being More Aware of Your Emotions

By being more aware of your emotions you can work on your thoughts to light up your mood because that is what actually is most important-being “joyful”. So, whenever you feel low do something immediately about it to get happy.

This involves listing things that can turn your mood on and doing it when you feel sad, like attracts like so, if you are happy then you will naturally attract joyful moments in your life.

7-Stop Doing What Does Not Make You Happy

Do you know most people are addicted to doing things that does not make them happy?

Yeah, they are doing boring and uninteresting stuff all day long. If you want to fill your life with positive vibes then you will have to think seriously, take a good look at your lifestyle and remove what is making you to feel bad.

Sometimes what we think we like is just our mind’s trick to make us escape the present moment, you know what makes you happy, just do what puts in a good emotional state.


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