Developing the Intuition Skills of Kids-Raising Conscious and Aware Children

This is a subject which achieves importance due to modern complexities in parenthood.

The mystics of the sixth sense have been neglected by the modern parents because it has no logic behind it, but you would have noticed the infants smiling and crying while sleeping without any proper reason.

Our elders will attribute this to the visit of the angles.  Hence, one can say that there is some inner spirit which guides our life.

Role of the Parent

Parents have ample opportunity to develop and apply the intuition of children which will go a long way in their life as they grow from one stage to the other.

The confidence, creativity, the problem solving ability,decision making etc develops by encouraging the child to practice intuition.

Children learn by imitation. If a parent freely express his/her intuitive feelings to the child then the child will also express his feelings.

Inner spirit always wants the freedom to come out .We should teach kids to allow it to flow and express freely.

Your kid’s intuitive skill is highly affected by your own intuitive skills; the more intuitive you are the more intuitive your kids will be.

A kid’s ability to be psychically developed especially depends on his/her mother, it not only includes the mother’s views towards intuition but also her truthfulness towards her kids because a child readily accepts what his/her mother teaches him.

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Play Guessing Games with Your Kid

Kids learn faster by playing games so, it is a wise decision to craft your own fun games and play it frequently.

So, you can play prediction of thought games, for example-“What color am I thinking in my mind?” or predicting who is on the door when someone knocks it, you can creatively make your own fun games using your kid’s likes and dislikes.

Influence of Other People’s Energies

The young innocent minds of the children are capable of getting easily influenced by the energy of the people around them.  You would have noticed the sudden disappointment in the children when they come from school or from other public places.

This attitude may be the result of others negative energy influencing the children so, teach your kids to choose the people who have positive vibes.

Make sure that your children keep themselves away from negative people or environment, your child can know the nature of certain places by the way they feel, if it feels good then the place is good for them and if they feel bad or upset then probably that atmosphere may contain some negative energy.

Feelings are the key to develop intuitive skills so, make sure that your kids develop awareness of their thoughts and feelings.


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