Are You Blindfolding Yourself from Seeing the Good?-The Universal Law of Supply

In a world where it is easy to find miserable individuals with hundreds of dreams that never came true, one can easily come to the conclusion that our life depends on “luck” and we have no control over what the greater power is delivering to us.

This thought that our life is predestined and that we have no control over it is very comfortable to some. With this they usually settle down choosing a terrible life, because believing in one’s own creative power requires courage.

Being a learner and understanding the universal laws not only requires tremendous dedication and determination, but it also is a lifelong process.

Once you take the responsibility and believe “you can get the life that you want” from that moment you are on a journey to unveil a new lesson everyday about the operation of this amazing universe.

The Law of Supply clearly states that no demand could ever exist without the possibility of the supply. The universe never withholds anything that is asked, but the one who has asked should be prepared enough in order to receive it.

The Dreams and the Desires You Have Are Not Just Limited to You

We often make a mistake of thinking that our life, our desires, our thoughts are just about us, science is coming to realize that everything in the world is interrelated and whatever that we wish to have in our lives has a bigger role to play in the future that will somehow bring a change (maybe big or small) in this world.

Even a small desire, like a kid wishing for an ice cream fulfills many purposes that the kid would never be able to know. That kid eating the ice cream is related with millions of people involved in the production, supply and selling of hundreds of stuff that is somehow dependent on it, if we will start to enlist who is related to what then it would be a never ending task. The kid’s job however, is to enjoy the ice cream and that exactly should be our concern with every new desire that is born inside us.

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The reason I am highlighting the fact that all of our wishes has some role to play in the bigger picture is because as humans we have this habit of making everything about us and this leads to the victim mentality.

Okay, Then Where Is All My Good Stuff?

So, as we have discussed,our wishes are somehow related to the well being and expansion of this whole universe. If that is true, then why every person in the world is not getting what they want?

We must realize that the universal law of supply is not something that we should bother about, when you ask something it is completely the job of the higher power to deliver it immediately (it is delivered in the spiritual realm, in its non physical form), but we humans have a great deal of work to do with our inner world in order to see the manifestation of what we have asked,.

The spiritual realm holds our stuff in a much similar way our computers holds the word drafts, to see the words on paper we need to be prepared with the equipment (i.e printer) and to see the manifestation of our desires we need to be prepare our mind.

When the printer is free of any resistance, the electricity flows though it and it works to print the words on the computer draft to paper.Similarly, when our mind is free of any resistance (when it comes in complete harmony with the laws of the universe), the spiritual energy flows thorough it to manifest our desires.

So, how can we see the manifestation of our desires?

The law of receiving is the answer to the above question and it says that one has to be prepared enough to receive what he has asked, like one has to dig reservoirs to store the rain water otherwise the rain will come meanwhile the thirsty guy will be sleeping and later he will be calling himself unlucky.

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