10 Ways to Deal with Negative People and Situations-Fun Exercises to Stay Positive

When we come to realize the power of our emotions and positive thinking we all have this one worrisome problem and that is the fear of getting influenced by other people’s beliefs and thoughts.

Though we can always choose to leave conversations with strangers and the ones who does not matter much in our lives, but when it comes to people whom we love we have to listen to them despite knowing that such conversations are not only useless but also harmful for any kind of positive growth.

Sometimes, when we try to bring positivity in such places then people may also try to pull us down or invite us for an argument because they find it essential to defend their hard wired beliefs; however we have our free will to always stay detached from any conversation even by being an active listener.

With practice, active detached listening is possible ,but we must realize that once our mood or emotions changes during any conversation then we are losing the game and the other person’s negativity not only just starts to dominate us but it also pulls us to the place where they stand.

Here, I am going to discuss with you 10 simple exercises that you can use anytime and anywhere when you have to deal with negative people or situations and you don’t have the option of “escape” button, first 6 exercises are funny ways to protect yourself from any conversation that may fill your mind with negative thoughts and the next four exercises are to be used when you find yourself getting affected by other person’s words.

#1 This Is a Television Soap

Imagine that you are watching television soap and the person standing in front of you is just playing his role in a tragic story.

#2 The Umbrella

See in your mind that divinity in pouring down from above on both of you, but the other person is holding an umbrella that is not letting any good stuff to reach him, see his umbrella getting larger in size with each of his negative words and thoughts.

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You can also see how this person is not letting goodness touch him because of this large umbrella of the negative beliefs he has formed in his mind.

You can also imagine yourself dancing in this rain without caring about how the other perceives the world.

#3 I Have a Translator In My Mind

What if the other person was using an alien language that needs translation? This language is such that it says the opposite of exactly what it means and you have a translator inside your brain that does that for you.


Other person says- You can’t start this business, it is going to make no profit for you.

You translate- Start this business now man, it is going to bring you a lot of wealth.

#4 They Have Been Injected with the Negativity Drug

See the poison like negativity drug running through their veins in your mind and see how it spreads in their body. Their negativity keeps on increasing because of this drug and it will stop only by reaching to the highest point.

#5 Devil Is Playing Them Like a Puppet

Imagine a big monster like devil figure above them while they talk and see how the devil plays them like a puppet. (We are just giving the image of devil to the negative mood of the other person)

#6 Play Your Favorite Song In Mind

Think of the lyrics of your favorite song and play it loud in your mind as if the other person is singing it for you, imagining the other person singing a heavy metal song when they are furious is a real fun.

Be careful that you don’t laugh while using the above six exercises as the other person may feel terribly offended (trust me; I have controlled myself from laughing many times, that too needs practice,lol). The next four techniques are to be used when you start to get influenced by the negative conversations.

Choose anything from your immediate surrounding and shift your focus towards it, if the other person tries to provoke you by saying something like “Are you listening to me?”, say “yes” and use it as a catalyst to concentrate.

#8 Listen to the Other Sounds

Try to shift your focus towards the sounds coming from other places, like a “car horn”, kids playing etc.

#9 Breathe Deeply

Start breathing deeply and try to release your emotions while exhaling.

#10 Plan Next

At the stage you realize that the other person has succeeded to get an emotional reaction from you, plan the next step like – What will you do to come back to normal after getting out of that situation? For example- “I will go for a walk”, “I will meditate”, “I will listen to my favorite song” etc, do this while the conversation happens and it will immediately help you to stay in control.


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