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Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s Notes Review

“More wisdom in less time”, it is really an awesome idea to have the key points of the best books for personal development with you to rewind whenever you want.

If your hunger to read self help book refuses to sedate then you know how many times we have to read a same book over and over again, still we find that we can gain more and in doing so we always fail to make notes and there are always lot of books in the shelf and hard drive looking at which we say-“Next Sunday!”.

Nothing could be better than Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s Notes if this happens to you but, the question that arises here is “would you like to eat the natural fruit or would you prefer extract?”.

This Philosopher’s Notes Review will tell you if buying this product would be a good decision for you or not,and it will also give you a complete idea of what you are going to get if you decide to go for it.

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Love or Above Program Review- Reaching the Vibrations of Love

If you will ask me to suggest a product that I trust the most for self improvement, my answer would be- Christie Marie Sheldon’s Love or Above or above

I have made many other product reviews and all of them are pretty good products for helping people in different areas of their lives, but I give the number one spot to Christie Marie Sheldon’s Love or Above program along with her Unlimited Abundance course which you can opt if you find this one satisfying.

If you have been to this website before, you might be knowing that I try my best to write reviews in the most simple and moderate manner possible, sometimes I have to control my excitement because the freshness always makes us to feel “this is the best” but, here I would like to take the liberty to brag about this product because this is something where all a person has to do is to listen to the modules and follow what Christie says, and he/she will start to see and feel the changes very soon.

It is like world’s best intuitive healer taking private sessions at your home!

When you visit their website, it will show you a frequency chart which indicates various vibration levels in which we all operate. It ranges from 0-1000 and 500 is termed as the frequency of love, the whole program is designed for reaching the vibrations of love and increasing it further. Continue reading

Zox Pro Training Review- Memory Training Course or Scam?

Like most programs, you will find those over-hyped promotions that give a feeling of “too good to be true” all over the internet for Zox Pro also.

However, the choice of the product should depend on the type of requirement that you have in your life rather than getting canvassed by the unreal promises made by the makers.

So, I would like to keep this zox pro training system review simple and straight so that you could actually get a glimpse of what you will be getting if you will opt for this brain power enhancing the program. Continue reading

Miracle Mastery Review- Genuine Opinion of David Debold’s Book

It took me about three days to go through this whole book of 297 pages for the first time, however, I will go back very often to delve into the chapters until I take my psychic abilities to the next level and I believe this book can really do that. But before that, I have made this miracle mastery review in order to help you make a better decision before buying it.Miracle Mastery

David DeBold has written the book in such a flow as if he is narrating it sitting beside you.

Trust me, you will hardly ever find that flow in any other book on psychic powers.

The way of language used and the techniques mentioned are very simple and something that anybody can grasp easily which happens rarely while reading books on such topics.


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Manifestation Miracle Review – The Destiny Tuning Technique

In this manifestation miracle review post, I will be giving you detailed information and my honest opinion based on my own experience with this product.

The promotional video of Manifestation Miracle is so over-hyped that I can’t really keep a count of how much people complain about it, but I guess the makers have made it like that to catch the attention of the audiences and let me tell you-It is working well!

If you too are confused about buying this personal development program then I guarantee you that you will leave this website with enough knowledge about this product to make the right choice according to your requirement.

What they say is that they have the cheat-sheet for the universe to work in your favor, that is nothing but sheer exaggeration because the laws of the universe are not video game programming that could be cracked.

However, the program is not at all like the “magical formula” type of promotional method that they use.

They have hyped the product with a lot of catchy terms and promising words.

Honestly, I was not even ready to buy it for reviewing because the promotion gives “just another scam” feeling.

But, after reading the eBook I found that it is not the way as it is hyped. Instead of some secret formula for success, this product is a perfect collection of simple guidelines for people who are looking for transformational knowledge. Continue reading

Lucid Dreaming Fast Track Review- Does It Work?

The lucid dreaming fast track program is now a part of the world of lucid dreaming academy which is an online training community where a lot of experts from this field come together to help you become a lucid dreamer whereas they provide you with the essential guidance that will enable you to explore your dream world and benefit from the potential of unlocking your inner mind powers with the help of this skill.  
fast track lucid dreaming

In this review of the lucid dreaming fast track course created by Rebecca Turner, I will be giving you complete detail about this course and the materials you will get as a member of the world of lucid dreaming academy. What you will be getting in this program is a pack of digital resources in addition to the main material which is an e-book created by Rebecca that has now been transferred to an online study module of their membership where they teach you various aspects of lucid dreaming. As a member of this community, you will be able to join a group of people who are on the same journey as you and you will get access to various tools on their website that you can use to learn the art of lucid dreaming.

This particular study material from Rebecca is useful for both beginners and advanced lucid dreamers because it not only contains information about how you can start to have your first few lucid dreams but it also takes this skill to higher levels. This program has helped more than 4000 members of their community to become experienced lucid dreamers, whereas, the main material of this program has been used by more than 30,000 people since its inception. Continue reading

Memory Improvement Complete Package Review-The Linking Method and Flash Memorization

I have written a few reviews about mind tools and memory improvement programs earlier, but this product is something that is not too much hyped like the other ones out there and I think that memory improvement complete package is underrated.memory complete

This program is something that could actually be highly beneficial for people who are looking for strong and powerful methods to build their memory by learning and practicing.

Unlike most of the programs that depends too much on hypnosis and mind tools to improve memory which often fails to work for people who find it hard to believe that those programs could actually make any change, here a person gets techniques that are much more practical.

Why Don’t We Remember Things?

Forgetting keys, glasses, wrist watches, bills etc is a common story of every house, but we regret of the bad memory when we get embarrassed by finding it hard to recall names of people, phone numbers(sometimes our own), address, important details etc. Continue reading

Wealth Trigger 2.0 Reloaded Review – Does Wealth Trigger Work?

After the success of his wealth trigger program, he introduced “Wealth Trigger 2.0 Reloaded”, which not only includes all the contents of the previous program but it also has a lot new enhanced stuff for generating more wealth.

Dr. Joe Vitale needs no introduction as he was among the lead casts of the very popular movie “The Secret”.

Here, we will look what’s inside the package and whether wealth trigger work to bring financial success to people as it promises. Continue reading

Open Eyes Self Hypnosis-By Reading and Writing Scripts!!

Open eyes self-hypnosis is an astonishing process I found in Forbes Robbins Blair’s book where we can use self-written scripts to hypnotize ourselves.

We all know very well that self hypnosis could be used for various personal development purposes like building confidence, eradicating fears, better health, improving the rapport between conscious and subconscious mind, the possibilities are countless.51owIoOcRmL

Often self hypnosis is perceived as something complicated, but actually it is a very simple and already familiar process to us.

Self hypnosis is just a way to relax and take the mind into a state where it is open for any suggestion. Continue reading

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