What Is the Law of Attraction and How Does It Work?

Recently, I received an email from a reader in which he asked me what is the law of attraction and how does it work, I have been writing about the universal laws for quite a while now but suddenly I realized that I have never answered the basic question so, in this post, I am going to explain this to you in the simplest way possible.

There is a similarity between all the theories and concepts that get popular, the more it gains fame the less it is understood by people and in this way millions of skeptics are born.

My intention in this post is to give a clarification to the skeptical part of your mind which might be finding this LOA stuff as “too good to be true”.

If you have watched the movie “the secret” then you might be wondering what the law of attraction is really all about? Well, it is not something new, the universal laws are created by mother nature.

When we learned about any laws of physics in school, we realized the reason behind so many things, those laws are what controls the objective reality so nobody can question them but these laws deal with the subjective reality and every person has to realize this on an individualistic level by diving deep into this knowledge.

Think for while, when everything in our physical world is subjected to various laws like the law of gravitation which can’t be violated then isn’t it quite obvious that nature also might be operating according to some laws?

Just like knowing about the law of gravity won’t give you the ability to fly, you will need to learn a lot of things to build an airplane, these laws also require you to learn more about your spiritual aspect of living for you to be able to manifest your desires, this is no magic wand that you can use to change your reality all of a sudden so thinking whether the LOA really works or not without gaining knowledge is of no use.

The Law of Attraction

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Before Rhonda Byrne wrote her very famous 4 books and made that movie, only a few people in the world who were interested in knowing about their creative power and wanted to know more about the methods to become successful in life were having this knowledge.

People like Napolean Hill, Raymond Holliwell, Wallace D Wattles and a few more authors first wrote popular books on the law of attraction from where people first came to know that they can create their reality by training themselves to think in a particular way by changing the beliefs present in their powerful subconscious mind.

Also, the works that are claimed to have come from a higher force by its authors like Esther Hicks’ “Ask and It Is Given” and Neal Donald Walsh’s “Conversation with the God” got popular in the area of human development before the 21st century.

Till that time this information was only available to people who were sincere about becoming successful, so nobody uses to question it but now a lot of people are crazy about quick manifestations which makes them overlook the very crux of the matter. You need to be a learner and a change in the perspective is required for you to be successful in using the law of attraction methods.

How the Law of Attraction Works?

In simple terms LOA is the law that says that “like attracts like”. If you will observe the happenings in the world a little more alertly then you will be able to see the significance of this law operating everywhere. Like-minded people become friends, violence results from inner hatred, poverty remains intact despite the government efforts, people attract the problems that they fear the most, you attract the right information related to your goals, etc.

So, in order to make the law of attraction to work in your favor you will have to work with your thoughts, feelings and inner beliefs because that is what decides what you are going to attract in your life.

In order to explain this, I will have to use some words that can be hard for you to process right now if you don’t have much prior knowledge about this subject but there is no better way to explain this.

Everything in the world including our body is made up of atoms and if we will go deeper we will find that everything is energy. So, in truth, we are not biological beings but we are energy-based beings.

Ancient spiritual teachings have always indicated that we carry an energy body around our physical body which we also refer to as the aura, there are methods of photography using which we can see this aura around everything. This energy of ours is always vibrating and the frequency of this vibration is decided by our thoughts and feelings(this is why techniques like energy clearing are so effective).

Our reality is shaped by this energy – whatever matches this energy is brought into our reality field. So, suppose you keeping thinking about a positive outcome repeatedly then you activate that frequency in your energy field and this results into the physical manifestation of that positive thought.

And if you fear something and you feel that fear by imagining that dreadful event then that too will get manifested by the same law as you are emitting the vibration of fear in this case.

Another Way to Look at It

I know that many people will find it hard to process this kind of information. Don’t worry, I have a much practical explanation for this. Apart from our wake conscious mind we all also have a subconscious mind that controls all our unconscious actions.

All our habits are the result of the beliefs present in our subconscious mind which was formed by the ideas to which we were introduced in our childhood. So, a person is programmed to be a winner or a loser by the suggestions given to him directly or indirectly in his childhood.

Like this, we unconsciously follow the actions that attract a particular result and in order to get different results, we will have to plant new beliefs in our subconscious mind using the various mind tools.

Whenever we set new goals in life, something that is a challenging one for us the failure happens due to the limiting beliefs present in our subconscious mind. Methods like hypnosis are tools that work well for people with a strong logical mind to achieve their dreams because they find it hard to accept metaphysical concepts.

Call it the subconscious power or the law of attraction, the good news is that we have the ability to get what we desire in life and those who don’t agree with this are simply finding a reason to justify their failure. In life, we only have two options i.e to live life thinking that you have no control over it or to change the reality by knowing how it can be done. Let me know which option you have chosen in the comments section.

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