Lazy Person’s Secret by Heather Mathews-Get in Tune with Your Destiny

Heather Mathews calls “Destiny Tuning” as the lazy person’s secret and the key to make law of attraction work in your favor in the promotional video of her product Manifestation Miracle, I am going to discuss this with you in more detail here.manifestation-package

Even before reading the book I had a slight idea of what that term “destiny tuning” would mean. Frankly speaking, there was a lot more to it than what I thought in my mind.

There would be a lot of confusion among people after watching those over hyped promotional videos of the product by Heather Mathews about the term “destiny tuning” as it appears to be a particular exercise or practice to get magical results in life, but if one truly needs to improve his life he must first get this point straight and clear-being successful in all areas of life is a result of improving the thoughts and training mind in the proper way, without practice it can never happen.

Manifestation Miracle, like any other personal development product from the personal development gurus can also help one to improve his life but, “Destiny Tuning” is not something that can change one’s life in one single night and it is a term used to represent the principles that can help a person to attract abundance in all areas of his life when they are followed with persistence and deep understanding.

It was hard to properly explain what exactly Heather Mathews meant by destiny tuning technique because with too much to speak, I could have only gave generic explanations here.

Anyways, after reading the book for few times in these past weeks I guess this explanation would give you a satisfying idea of this term.

You Need to Be in Tune with Your Destiny

According to Heather Mathews, a person will thrive in every area of his life when he is in tune with his destiny.

What does that mean “tuned with one’s destiny?”

You might also have predicted a bit of what this means, the author says that we all come with a particular purpose in this planet and that when one will live his true purpose then everything just falls into the right place.

The author has also referred to it as “the microchip program” that the universe implants inside a person before his birth and when one decides not to choose his true purpose, he struggles and stays away from the beautiful dream world that he has always desired.

I liked the way that the author provided an exercise to help those who don’t even have an idea about their “true purpose”, the exercise named “heart storming”  is a simple self assessment test that makes you to see the things and tasks that makes you happy.

Do We Really Have a Purpose in Life?

Okay, we know that the whole book is based on tuning with the true purpose of life, but, do we all have a particular mission in life actually?

This may sound disgusting for people who believe that “we create our own reality” like me , you also don’t make the mistake of jumping into the conclusions that early like I did before.

However, now I know what the author actually meant by that is this-we don’t have a particular check sheet in life but, we are all born with natural desires and gifts(following that is destiny tuning).

So, living in tune with the destiny means to be true to yourself and doing that which makes you feel great!

If you read the post “Five Types of Actions”, this is was the theme of that whole article.

This is exactly what the author has meant by destiny tuning- overcoming the limiting beliefs, fears, and living life by being true to one’s true desires and nature.


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