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The Secret of Deliberate Creation Program by Dr.Robert Anthony Review and Buying Advice

If you don’t know Dr Robert Anthony then let me tell you that he has been an expert teacher of the law of attraction for more than 25 years, and he has successfully trained so many people all over the world to succeed in their lives using the tools that he offers.MM300x250

There are very few teachings like the one that Dr.Robert Anthony offers because he has so much experience in this field that he absolutely knows the right steps that unlike other programs doesn’t only fills the information in the head of people, but gives them the concrete action steps to create the life of their desire.

What Is Different about This Course?

Now a days we find so many materials teaching the law of attraction where the content always revolve around things like setting the intention, positive thinking and allowing universe to deliver what is asked, this course however takes things to the next level by teaching the techniques that gives proper results.

What I like the most about this course is that the author makes us to apply the techniques to first manifest the whole cost of the course and that is to be done under the refund period; this actually means that the customer has nothing to lose if he follows the strategies properly! Continue reading

Omharmonics Meditation Music by Mindvalley Review-Forget Binaural Beats!!

I would like to begin this Omharmonics review with a short personal story.

When I was beginning my spiritual journey, I was very anxious to experience the deeper states of meditation.

As we know, too much anxiousness leads to 205.gifstupidity. So, I started listening to the binaural beats that are available for free all over the internet now.

With a plethora of people making and uploading these soundtracks, it has become very difficult for people to stop themselves from trying them out. I won’t deny it, I did see some effects when I played some of these audios, since I was very much interested in lucid dreaming and it worked perfectly in that particular area for me, I became a regular user of binaural beats.

Then within a few days I started feeling very restless and I found it hard to silence my mind during my regular meditation hours, what was even worse is that my sleeping patterns got disturbed. Luckily, I realized that binaural beats don’t suit me and I stopped using them.

Things went back to normal soon after I stopped using these tracks, but from that day I have never touched such audios. Continue reading

Review of Empowered Mind Videos-What Change Would These Visualization Tools Make?

As I have discussed many times here, affirmations are so powerful in helping us to change the programs and beliefs in our subconscious mind in order to attract the life that we wish to live.mind movies

Writing affirmations more than a hundred times each day or saying them repeatedly could be a little hard to follow.

One another way to plant these positive suggestions in our subconscious mind is to use subliminal messages.

Empowered Mind Videos are prepared by using these subliminal messages, these high quality videos will help you to develop the perfect mindset to attract the things that you desire in your life.

These videos are law of attraction based visualization tools that will help you to alter your old thinking patterns with the help of subliminal messages, meditative soundtrack, binaural beats and specific visuals prepared for manifestation purposes in all areas of life. Continue reading

Mabel Katz’s Zero Frequency Book Review

Recently, I received a surprise email from one of the popular figures of the personal development industry Mabel Katz, from whom I have learned a life-transforming technique named the “Ho’oponopono” process.

I left working on my blog for a few months due to a sudden realization and change of perspective which stopped me from taking any action unless I am inspired to do it.

Her email asked me to read and review her book named Zero Frequency, as a result of which I  regained the purpose of reviving my blog.

The book is all about achieving inner peace and joy effortlessly. Unlike most books that focus on achieving materialistic goals that make a person to lose the balance between their spiritual and physical world, this book helps a person to achieve their materialistic goals without losing their love for life.

In this book, you will learn a simple technique that will assist you in following the passion of your life. From my own experiences, I can say that zero frequency is all about getting closer to your higher self, touching this serene state of mind by using this method you can find the clarity which is essential for you to make the right decisions in life which will be best for you as well as others.

We are all divine beings but to realize that we must work on the self-talks and repeated self-destructing commentaries that keep on repeating itself in our mind like a tape recorder. All our addictions, problems, and thoughts are a result of the social programming that has happened since our birth. Continue reading

Joe Vitale’s Law of Attraction Certification Review- Should We Prefer Online LOA Certification Courses?

In this law of attraction practitioner certification course review, we will take a close look at this product using which you can help people to create the life of their desire.

Dr.Joe Vitale is one of the best law of attraction teachers of today’s world, he has gained a lot of popularity by teaching money making techniques, hypnotic marketing and success principles.

Joe Vitale was one of the main casts in the movie “the secret”, so you might be already knowing him. I have been following him for a long time, one thing about him that inspires me the most is that he lives by what he teaches.

By teaming up with the celebrity hypnotherapist Dr. Steve G. Jones, Joe Vitale has prepared this course using which you can help others to use the law of attraction while you can also use it for your own betterment. Continue reading

Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance Course Review

In this unlimited abundance review I will be providing you a detailed information on this energy clearing course and we will take a close look at how it can change one’s life.476

Christie Marie Sheldon is an intuitive coach who has been very much praised by many of her clients (including a couple of popular names) for how she has helped them to thrive in various areas of their lives using her spiritual gifts.

Few years ago she conducted an online training with Mindvalley named Unlimited Abundance for a few selected people.

The great positive response she received from that group led Mindvalley to take the recording of those sessions to prepare a program for people who were demanding it, and that is how this unlimited abundance home training program was created.

I have been following her works for a very long time and since I have already bought her love or above course before, so I opted for this program despite of being a little skeptical about it initially.

Not only I have been able to improve my life in various ways using the tools she offers in this course, but I have also had some profound spiritual experiences with these sessions, I will get there later on, first let me answer a basic question. Continue reading

Creative Visualization by Lisa Nichols Review-What’s so Unique?

I don’t think Lisa Nichols needs any introduction,she was one of the stars in the movie “the secret” who really played a very key part in the movie.954

Lisa Nichols has also created a lot of buzz by appearing in the Oprah Winfrey show and many other places, she has really got some magical quality which I cannot really explain but, it makes her so unique and special.

Her voice is so mesmerizing that I cannot resist hearing more, it actually feels so good.

When it comes to hearing audios I find something very powerful in the voices of three great ladies in the area of personal development who have really helped me a lot to connect with my inner self, they are- Esther Hicks, Christie Marie Sheldon and Lisa Nichols.

All of them have one thing in common-their voice is so soothing that it brings us totally into a very peaceful and relaxed state of mind.

Okay, So I am actually writing this review to help you to know more about this program and how it can benefit you and to give advice on if you should try it or not. Continue reading

Lazy Person’s Secret by Heather Mathews-Get in Tune with Your Destiny

Heather Mathews calls “Destiny Tuning” as the lazy person’s secret and the key to make law of attraction work in your favor in the promotional video of her product Manifestation Miracle, I am going to discuss this with you in more detail here.manifestation-package

Even before reading the book I had a slight idea of what that term “destiny tuning” would mean. Frankly speaking, there was a lot more to it than what I thought in my mind.

There would be a lot of confusion among people after watching those over hyped promotional videos of the product by Heather Mathews about the term “destiny tuning” as it appears to be a particular exercise or practice to get magical results in life, but if one truly needs to improve his life he must first get this point straight and clear-being successful in all areas of life is a result of improving the thoughts and training mind in the proper way, without practice it can never happen.

Manifestation Miracle, like any other personal development product from the personal development gurus can also help one to improve his life but, “Destiny Tuning” is not something that can change one’s life in one single night and it is a term used to represent the principles that can help a person to attract abundance in all areas of his life when they are followed with persistence and deep understanding.

It was hard to properly explain what exactly Heather Mathews meant by destiny tuning technique because with too much to speak, I could have only gave generic explanations here.

Anyways, after reading the book for few times in these past weeks I guess this explanation would give you a satisfying idea of this term.

Continue reading

Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s Notes Review

“More wisdom in less time”, it is really an awesome idea to have the key points of the best books for personal development with you to rewind whenever you want.

If your hunger to read self help book refuses to sedate then you know how many times we have to read a same book over and over again, still we find that we can gain more and in doing so we always fail to make notes and there are always lot of books in the shelf and hard drive looking at which we say-“Next Sunday!”.

Nothing could be better than Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s Notes if this happens to you but, the question that arises here is “would you like to eat the natural fruit or would you prefer extract?”.

This Philosopher’s Notes Review will tell you if buying this product would be a good decision for you or not,and it will also give you a complete idea of what you are going to get if you decide to go for it.

Continue reading

Love or Above Program Review- Reaching the Vibrations of Love

If you will ask me to suggest a product that I trust the most for self improvement, my answer would be- Christie Marie Sheldon’s Love or Above or above

I have made many other product reviews and all of them are pretty good products for helping people in different areas of their lives, but I give the number one spot to Christie Marie Sheldon’s Love or Above program along with her Unlimited Abundance course which you can opt if you find this one satisfying.

If you have been to this website before, you might be knowing that I try my best to write reviews in the most simple and moderate manner possible, sometimes I have to control my excitement because the freshness always makes us to feel “this is the best” but, here I would like to take the liberty to brag about this product because this is something where all a person has to do is to listen to the modules and follow what Christie says, and he/she will start to see and feel the changes very soon.

It is like world’s best intuitive healer taking private sessions at your home!

When you visit their website, it will show you a frequency chart which indicates various vibration levels in which we all operate. It ranges from 0-1000 and 500 is termed as the frequency of love, the whole program is designed for reaching the vibrations of love and increasing it further. Continue reading