Miracle Mastery Review- Genuine Opinion of David Debold’s Book

It took me about three days to go through this whole book of 297 pages for the first time, however, I will go back very often to delve into the chapters until I take my psychic abilities to the next level and I believe this book can really do that. But before that, I have made this miracle mastery review in order to help you make a better decision before buying it.Miracle Mastery

David DeBold has written the book in such a flow as if he is narrating it sitting beside you.

Trust me, you will hardly ever find that flow in any other book on psychic powers.

The way of language used and the techniques mentioned are very simple and something that anybody can grasp easily which happens rarely while reading books on such topics.


Information and Instructions

One thing about this book which I did not like was it’s too much focus on – information and instructions.

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When a person buys any book like this, he expects trainings and exercises more but here the general information is a bit on a higher side.

However the stuff is interesting and every step used by the author was for building a foundation for the upcoming topic, but, for people like me who have already gathered too much information on this subject, it is really boring as we already knew  all that basics.

The same thing could become an advantage for the beginners as the information could be very exciting and captivating if you were not aware of it before.

Techniques and Methods

One very good facet of this book is that it covers a lot of areas that are essential for dealing with psychic powers.

Author focuses on mind, body and spirit because it is the rapport between these three aspects of our existence that creates miracles.

Different exercises concerning every subject are given in the book. So, do keep a pen and notepad for your first read to mark the main pages.

I would highly recommend the Miracle Mastery book to people who are seriously interested in the development of their higher abilities and can give all their effort to acquire these abilities, but if you are impatient to learn “big things” without practicing “small things” for long, then you won’t progress at all.

Even if you are not interested or don’t believe in psychic powers, then also it can help you to develop a deeper relationship with your body and mind.

Deep Relaxation Technique

As the author puts it “if you cannot practice everything in this whole book, this one exercise is worth your money”, I would agree with that because it really creates a deep relaxation in the whole body by using breathing and muscle movement technique.

This technique not only gives a tremendous relaxation, but it increases awareness –which is essential for being more intuitive. This is the best part of the whole book for both experts and beginners.

The psychic methods are given in the last chapters, whereas the other whole part of this book is designed for preparing your mind, body, and spirit to perform such feats.

Who should buy this? – A person who is buying it with a long-term vision of slowly and gradually cultivating the higher abilities.

Who should not buy this? – A person who is looking for fast results and cannot accept it as a guide rather than a one time read.

What more is in the package?- They give out four more books along with the main one and they are “In Your Dreams”, “Practical Teleportation”, “Thought Vibration” and “Yoga Sutras”.

You can visit the product website here.


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