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Positive Intuition –Review of “Tune In” by Sonia Choquette

We have been hearing this from a very long time from numerous well known successful people that trusting the inner voice and following their heart is what leads them to the place where they intend to go in their lives.aff-banner

What we perceive from our conscious mind is not even near to the half of our true ability; the truth is that we have all the necessary information to make right decision at any given point of time but we are often unaware of it or we fail to hear the voice of our heart.

There have always been incidences in our life where we have experienced this inner power whether let it be an event which you feel that you have already experienced (Déjà vu), a song sung by another person which you were just thinking, a gut feeling which provided the right answer etc all these are examples of our mind’s true abilities.

In her program “Tune In”, Sonia Choquette teaches how to tap into the power of your intuition and use it to get necessary solutions in life.

What Changes Can It Make In Your Life?

Having a developed intuitive awareness is really a very precious gift in one’s life. Intuition is not something which you learn from outside but it is something which has always been present inside you but you have forgotten it while growing up.

As kids we all have used our intuition for various playful purposes. We cried at certain places by sensing negative vibes, we kept distance from certain people and we were happy to be around pets which clearly indicates that we knew how to use our inner guidance when we were kids.

Having the ability to hear the intuitive voice can help you to make the right decisions at the various important times in your life, not only that but you will be able to intuitively act in every small and big issues of your daily life.

From catching a liar to knowing the truth about anything that’s relevant to you, for improving relationships by doing the right things at the right time, for making the right career decisions , for knowing what’s best for your health and countless similar issues of life can be handled in the most perfect way if you could hear your inner guidance and that is why opting for this program may really prove out to be one of the best decisions of your life.

Why to Opt for “Tune In”?

Since I have already said that we don’t have to learn anything new from outside about intuition as it is has been always present in us then one may ask- how this program could prove to be beneficial?

Intuition is without any doubt our natural ability but as we were growing up our little minds were programmed with concepts which made us to forget about it.Today, we learn about intuition and we try to implement it but we fail because we haven’t yet been able to distinguish the conscious mind’s voice and the inner guidance.

The main factor in successfully using your intuitive guidance system is to trust your inner voice!

Sonia’s “Tune In” will teach you to recognize the inner voice and to trust it.

Her program consists of 14 videos which teach a 4 step formula for living an intuitive life, 4 meditation tracks which enables you to connect with your inner guidance.

The package is a perfect combination of materials which will work step by step for you to awaken your intuitive power.

Who Is Sonia Choquette?

Sonia is one of the world’s most famous people in the area of human intuition and she is widely recognized for her work to help people to make intuition based decisions in their lives.

Sonia has written 19 bestselling books on the subject of intuition which also includes New York’s times bestseller “The Answer Is Simple”.

Final Advice

I came across Sonia’s program last year, I was so impressed with this product that I contacted mind valley’s affiliate customer support so that I could promote this product for my readers but unfortunately they told me that it was just a test run and I will have to wait for some time.

Now, they have launched this product and I happy to introduce it to you. Trust me with this product you will have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

I will give you a green signal to opt for this product, hoping that you will also highly benefit from this program.

For more information, please visit the product website here.


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Winter Vee’s Ancient Secrets of Kings Review-Scam or Not?

In this ancient secrets of kings program, I will be providing you a detailed information about this program from Winter Vee so that you could decide whether it is going to be useful for you or not.ancient secrets of the kings

I have already reviewed the previous program by Winter Vee that was named the millionaire’s mind, now he is bringing to you this new product that is focused on building a rich person’s mindset.

No matter what is your field whether it is a job or business this program helps you to think in a way that will bring you more success, it helps you to eradicate the negative beliefs and thoughts that keeps you away from achieving great results.

What Does the Package Consist?

The package contains 20 informational modules that are divided in three pillars. The first pillar helps you to eliminate all the causes that are responsible for the hindrance in your way to achieving your goals this includes removal of procrastination and unwanted negative thoughts which stops you from taking essential actions. Continue reading

John Assaraf’s Winning the Game of Money Review – A Close Look

You might be already aware of John Assaraf, he was one of the featured casts in the movie “The Secret” which went viral a few years ago and he is also a New York Times bestselling author.

John has also appeared in various TV shows because of his ability to teach people the formulas and techniques to rewire their brain to that of a multi-millionaire.

Now, John has designed a very sophisticated program which is called as the “Winning the Game of Money” which helps a person to build a multi-millionaire mindset using various techniques that have taken him from being a street boy to a successful businessman who owned 5 financially thriving companies.

Altering Your Financial Set Point

Your financial set point is an inner benchmark in your subconscious mind of which you are not consciously aware according to it the flow of wealth in your life depends.

This financial set point is a result of the mind programming that includes your beliefs about wealth; most of these beliefs were passed down to you from your parents and your society when you were growing up.

John Assaraf brings to you a technology which will alter your financial set point pushing it to higher levels and thus prepare you to earn much more than what you were earning before. Continue reading

Manifestation Miracle Secret System Detailed User Review

In this manifestation miracle user review, I will be providing you a summary like detailed review of this self-help material by Heather Mathews.manifestation-package

I have already written a review of Manifestation Miracle earlier, but with the traffic I have seen that has been flowing to my website to know  more about this particular course I couldn’t stop myself from writing a more in-depth review of this life changing material which has been liked by thousands of people from around the world.

Here, I am going to summarize the information that I have gained after buying this product and in this post I have tried my best to give you a complete idea of what you can get from this program.

A Step by Step Coaching Material

This ebook is more like a home based training; every chapter is designed in a way to teach you something new which you could practice for few days before proceeding any further.

The course is split in 5 parts and each part is arranged in a way to take you through a life transforming journey, so you will benefit from this product only if you get involved in following those guidelines with a strong intention to learn and grow. Continue reading

The Spiritual Laws of Money by T.Harv Eker Review-Change Your Money Blueprint

I have never gained a better understanding of my relationship with money than what I came to know from the works of T. Harv Eker, and from my viewpoint this program is probably his best work ever.spirtual laws of money

Here you will get to know the 8 spiritual laws of money that will show you exactly what you should do to thrive financially without risking your inner peace or losing your spiritual connection.

What obstacles do you see when you think about becoming a millionaire? I don’t know if you have identified the hindrances in your path to get wealthy or not, but I am very sure of this one fact – A common things that holds most people from achieving financial freedom is their subconscious beliefs that tells them that having a lot of wealth will negatively affect their spiritual life.

There are many things that cause you to struggle financially, but the major reason is the inner programming that works to keep you below a particular success level. This inner programming I am talking about is the deeply ingrained beliefs you have about wealth and a common belief that has kept a large population of the world poor is that “money is evil”.

As I like to read and write on both spirituality and success principles, I have met many people who don’t actually like it when I talk about money as they want to discuss only spiritual stuff with me. Continue reading

Children Learning Reading Program Review

I am writing this children learning reading program review to help you in making a choice if you are willing to purchase this product, but before that I would like to give you a little knowledge on why this product could prove to be a great one for your kidstage-2-cover-made.

The prime reason that I built this site was that I love sharing information that relates to a person’s growth in life, I keep on writing on subjects that relates to metaphysics, mind power, intuition etc, but I always get inclined to write on kid’s growth every now and then, as I am well aware that it is the age where the blueprint of adult life is generated.

We always see that kids usually fall in two categories, the first type loves reading and the latter one prefers to read only when they are forced to do so.

With the craze that new generation kids have developed for video games and television we find most of them belonging to the second category and they will only do it on their own when they want to too was like that.

Today I know that my mind is better at gaining information through visual contents than written ones and the reason behind it is simple-Reading was not a fun activity for me in childhood. Continue reading

Is Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance a Scam? – Must Read Buying Advice

That picture on the left is a screen shot of my phone which I took in order to assure you that the voice you are hearing is of a regular user of this product.

I have all the 24 audio sessions of the unlimited abundance program stored in my phone as these energy block clearing audios have become a part of my day to day life.

I promise you that you will leave this page after having a clear picture of what you will be getting from this course, so make sure to read this post completely before you reach to any conclusion.

I have written a review of this course already and I keep referring this program on many of my posts. But, I am writing this one, especially for people who doubt if Christie Marie Sheldon’s unlimited abundance is a scam. Continue reading

The Millionaire’s Brain Review – Is Winter Vee’s Program a Scam?

First of all, I would like to say that I hate using the word “scam” for any personal development program; I still have to do it because my job is to help you with your buying decision.300x250

When it is about money making programs you can easily spot the scammers but that isn’t the case with the self help materials. Here, good and bad is decided by the type of buyers.

For someone like me who likes to devour everything under the sun that is made for self growth, a BS product will be the one that has nothing new to teach me.

Considering the type of hype used for this product which is usual for every Winter Vee program. I don’t find this product as something which could provide the buyers what they will be actually expecting after seeing the promos.

But, I would agree that I learned a lot from this program on building a money mindset and found a few methods to change my subconscious beliefs related to wealth so, buying this course is not a bad idea from my perspective, especially since it is available for such a low price. If they would have set the cost a little higher, I would have stopped you from buying it right away. Continue reading

Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping 2.0 Program Review-A Must Try Visualization Method

Writing a review of Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping program is really a great pleasure for me ..Why?- Because it is something which is not just about achieving various goals or getting a certain life like the usual self help programs I write about, it is based on a premise that makes a person to think beyond the normal limitations and it makes one to question the reality of the world that one sees with his eyes.469.gif

This program is not any kind of catchy package that promises you miraculous results based on unreal concepts, it comes from Burt’s 59 years of study about the human mind.

Burt Goldman, who has crossed 80s now is also often referred as the American monk. He has been in guidance of various monks which includes even Paramahansa Yogananda.

So, from the experience and history of Burt we can infer that a person who purchases Quantum Jumping is going to get a lot more than his expectation.

What is Quantum Jumping All About?

Now, this could be a bit hard for you to swallow, but according to the concepts of quantum physics-Parallel universes exists.

It says that we are entering into a universe every moment with the decisions we make and a parallel universe based on our not making of those specific decisions is also created at the same time where a version of “us” in that world exists.. head spinning isn’t it? Continue reading

Wealth Trigger 360 Review-The Latest Version of Wealth Trigger

Wealth trigger, sounds like something that will make you a money magnet and pull it to you from every corner of the world.

Well, actually the program is designed to do something like that but, it does that by helping you to build a money mindset.Capture

Dr.Joe Vitale who was one of the stars in the very popular movie “the secret” and the renowned hypnotherapist Dr. Steve G. Jones have been consistently working on providing people with a program that could help them to change their subconscious programming about money which is the reason that keeps people away from having the flow of wealth in their lives.

Wealth Trigger became extremely popular by helping a lot of people to improve their financial condition and then they introduced wealth trigger 2.0 reloaded. Now, both of these great names in the self help industry have worked on it further to bring their brand new product Wealth Trigger 360 which incorporates the key elements of both of the previous programs plus a lot of new stuff. Continue reading