Creative Visualization and Meditation Can Change Your Life-Get Rid of Your Past Burdens

In the previous post “allow your abundance“, I have talked about the first method for clearing the energy blocks that stops you from achieving your desired goals. Now we will look at the other two methods for doing this.

With a little modification of regular creative visualization and meditation process you can change your old limiting beliefs and boost up your success rate in all the areas of your life.

Practicing these techniques will enable to become good at performing energy clearing on your own without the need of any light worker or energy healer.

Even if you don’t believe in energy healing, use these methods by looking at it as the tool to do the required inner work of changing your attitude towards the life which will allow you to take the right decisions.

Method 2 – Creative Visualization: –

If you are familiar with the law of attraction, then you might already know that creative visualization is a very powerful tool for attracting the life you wish to have.

There are some inner changes that occur when you use visualization consistently and it is the altering of the beliefs present in your subconscious mind.

With a little awareness of your emotional state while visualizing you can get a glimpse of some major subconscious beliefs that are causing certain repeating patterns in your life due the kind of energetic discord that happens when you imagine something which isn’t in harmony with your inner beliefs.

So before using creative visualization you must learn to set your goals properly.

Setting Goals

It is good to set goals that are higher than what you think you can achieve, but when it becomes hard to visualize those goals, it is an indication that you have challenged your limiting beliefs.

In such cases you should consider altering your goals in a way that it doesn’t seem like something impossible when you sit to visualize.

Here’s a good technique: –

Split your goals into two or three parts.

For example – If you are imagining becoming a millionaire when you are just making the ends meet with your current income, your visualization session won’t be that easy and free flowing and neither it would be fruitful.

A wise step to be taken right there would be to split your goal into multiple parts, like first set your goal to earn 1/4 of the amount and then proceed to attract half of the original amount when you succeed.

As you progress from one level to another your subconscious beliefs will keep on getting altered, this will gradually make it easy for you to reach to the place that once seemed impossible.

Steps for Visualization

Once you have set a goal that it is higher than what you think you can achieve, but not impossible according to your current situation. Write a short note on how achieving this goal will change your life. Make a list of the things you would be doing and all the lifestyle changes that will occur when you have accomplished these goals.

  • Sit in any relaxed posture.
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep conscious breaths till you feel completely relaxed.
  • Do a reverse countdown from 10 – 0, relax yourself more and more with each count.
  • Slowly imagine your life based on all the things you have listed before, don’t force yourself to bring the specific images just allow it to be a free flowing visualization, make sure to imagine as if those things are happening in the present moment.
  • Do this for at least ten minutes, there is no upper limit.
  • Once you have finished, count back from 0- 10 by making yourself more awake and alert with each count, open your eyes after the final count and say “this or something better” allowing the universe to decide what’s best for you.

Doing this regularly will change your energy and clear all the subconscious blocks that stands between you and your dreams.

Method 3 – Meditation: –

Present moment awareness helps you to open yourself to receive intuitive solutions for all your problems and one of the most effective methods to keep yourself rooted in the present moment is meditation.

Meditation allows you to connect with your inner self; going into a deep relaxed mind state enables you to know your inner world better and thus helps you to make the required changes so that your outer world becomes more beautiful.

If you are new to meditation, then I would advise you to practice any simple meditation method for some days until you are able to deliberately bring your mind to a relaxation level where it is in a little sleep like state, but still pretty much conscious. (You can try insight meditation for this purpose.)

Steps for Energy Clearing Meditation

-Sit in a comfortable position.

-Follow your regular meditation process and bring yourself into a deep relaxed state.

-Once you have reached to a deeper level of mind you can ask questions that are related to the area where you are struggling in life.

It is should be something like this: –

What thoughts, beliefs and memories are blocking me from achieving ______ (your goals)?

After this wait for any type of thought to emerge in response to your question.

The answer may come in various ways. It could be an action step or an insight, just trust whatever comes up and proceed. The first thought is usually the right one.

But sometimes you will be reminded of a memory, which would be an incident that has caused an energy block due to the emotions you have attached to that memory.

To get a better picture of what I am trying to say here you can read my post unlimited abundance review where I have illustrated how one of my childhood incidences caused a limiting belief in my inner mind.

So, in most cases that memory would be from childhood, it could probably be one that you didn’t know has affected you so deeply. All you have to do is to forgive and let go whatever emotions you have attached with the past until you start feeling better about the particular subject.

Repeat the words in your mind “I now release all the thoughts, beliefs and emotions I have attached to this incident, I forgive myself and others who are responsible for this.

If you can feel the energy block near any of your body part, then imagine a divine light coming from above and removing that block.

That’s it; you may sense some heaviness in your chest or head after the energy clearing sessions and it is perfectly alright.


Using these three simple yet very powerful tools you can see some great positive changes happening in your life, but to make it work you must have a strong faith in what you are doing and be persistent with that.

My permanent tool for energy clearing has been Christie’s unlimited abundance program, which I would strongly recommend to you as well because it is very simple and far more effective than all the three methods I have talked about in these two posts.



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  1. Michael

    Hey man you site is awesome – really enjoyed reading this aricle – this has been seriously helpful and also very engaging, your goals and steps for visualization are excellent, great read, thanks!

  2. Furkan

    Splitting goals is a great idea. I have some serious goals for my business and I think splitting it will be a good idea otherwise it can be little overwhelming.

    I enjoy the process now however I think I can also enjoy the process more in that way.

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Yes definitely, you will feel less overwhelmed when you have split the goal and when you achieve the first half, you will be super excited for the second one.


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