How to Make a Vision Board That Really Works

In this post, I will be showing you how to make a vision board that really works because that is something which confuses people the most once they get to know about the workings of the vision boards.

First of all, I would like to tell you that there is nothing in the vision boards or anything outside of you that affects your reality, it is within you.

So, the right way of using any method depends on how you are feeling while doing it, if you feel good then continue with it if not, then try next.

The way to create vision boards that I am going to share with you here will surely work for you if you will do it properly, it is simple and it is effective but, requires your consistent efforts.

3 Steps for Creating an Awesome Vision Board

#1- Choosing Images:-

There is one common way where you sit down with magazines and find the photos that represents your desires. But my way of doing it is a little different and I find it more interesting than the old way of flipping pages of the magazines.

Yeah, you can of course search on Google and download the picture which matches your desires the most but, I take a different approach which I believe is also a nice trick to send a very strong message to the universe even before I create the vision board.

All you have to do is to set a strong intention to find images that matches your desires, by doing this you will activate your mind radar to search for images.

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For one week just allow the universe to deliver the “right” images and whenever you feel like “this is it”- store it.

You will be amazed on how these images start to appear out of nowhere just to fulfill your wishes and you will get a glimpse of how your dreams will come true… exciting, isn’t it?

One of the main advantages of doing this is that you get to realize the workings of the universal laws in the image finding process itself so, it will motivate you to take the further steps.

It has always worked for me and many people to whom I have suggested this but, if it doesn’t work for you then go back to the old method of finding them on internet or magazine.

It Is More about Feelings than Visuals

Choose the image that invokes your feelings when you look at it and not the ones which pictorially represents your exact desire.

We often get confused in getting the right image so as to “send the message” to the universe correctly.

Always remember – Universe’s eyes are more receptive than its ears and its heart is more receptive than its eyes!! (Visuals are more powerful than words and feelings are more powerful than visuals).

So, suppose a picture of a model riding a bike appeals to you more than the photo of the exact motorbike you want buy… choose the first one!

#2-Make a Collage

Buy a poster board and stick your images in it. Make sure to do it in a way that every image appears bright and clear.

Make sure to not stick images in a cluttered way since then it will make it difficult for your eyes to focus on a single one.

Keep your foremost wish in the very center of the board and arrange the pictures representing your primary desires in the center area because our vision is naturally caught by the images in the center.

Is it ok to create a collage in the computer??

More important than the collage is your repeated active glance at it so doing it in the poster board and hanging it in your room will ensure that you will look at it whenever you enter the room.

Creating it in computer and making it the background picture is also a good idea but only if it catches your attention whenever you open your computer.


The main purpose of the vision board is to remind you about your dreams and to boost up your creative visualization process.

If you have created a vision board to just look at it then it is of no use at all!

Every time you see it you must be filled with positive feelings about your desires, it should make you stop and focus on your goals.

Creative visualization and vision boards go hand in hand to manifest what you have asked from the universe.

If you can’t take a few minutes to stand in front of your vision board contemplating over your dreams then creating a dream collage is of no use.

So, now you might have understood why I mentioned in the beginning of this article that it will work only if you will put your efforts, it must become your habit to look at those picture and imagine success in order to make them work.

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