Lucid Dreaming Question- Do You Direct Your Dreams or You Explore It?

As a beginner- A person would like to explore the lucid dreams. Next, they will most preferably concentrate on prolonging the lucid dreams.

After becoming proficient in controlling dreams, there are two choices.

One will limit the possibilities of a dreamer to just do whatever he wants in the dream world, whereas the other will put him on the doorstep to explore the vastness of his inner world.

Many good books have been written on lucid dreaming. But, I am a big fan of Robert Waggoner’s “Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self“ for one reason- he takes lucid dreaming to an extremely higher level… and that is what the second choice is all about.

Two types of options for a lucid dreamer:-

1-Being the director of your lucid dreams.
2-Being an obedient learner and explorer.

Being the Director of Your Lucid Dreams

This is the option that is obviously the prime focus of new lucid dreamers.

They want to dream what they want, summon whatever they desire and to enjoy being the director of their dreams.

Here, people enjoy doing things that are not possible in the real world.

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This approach is also good for mastering a new skill.

A dreamer can also use their dreams for many growth purposes like facing fears or getting answers, and there are so many positive as well as fantasy based advantages of being a lucid dreamer who controls his lucid dreams.

Being a Very Obedient Learner and Explorer

The previously given qualities of a lucid dreamer can be attained with the help of any of the other books, but this is something that you will get to learn in Robert Waggoner’s book- Getting to know the inner observer.

This is such a mind-boggling fact that we all have a silent observer and an ego in dreams also.

Yes, you heard me correct. Despite we can feel the separation of these two beings, but they are one!

Once we know about this “inner observer”- Unlimited possibilities open up for a lucid dreamer.

Thereafter, we will stop directing our dreams and will consciously explore whatever comes up.

Like for example in a nightmare- rather than choosing to escape into a better dream scenario, we will courageously face it with love in our heart and acknowledge that it is a part of our own life.

This helps us to reveal the inner problem that the dream was trying to point out.

In the book author met with one weird dream figure which revealed itself as an abandoned idea, that idea led him to write this book!…

With a learning mind, the possibilities are limitless in both real and dream worlds.


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