3 Best Lucid Dreaming Techniques

In this post, I will be talking about the best lucid dreaming techniques that you can use to get good results as a beginner or you can also include these techniques for having frequent lucid dreams if you are already experienced as a conscious dreamer. These 3 techniques are most used by lucid dreaming experts because they have found that primarily only these methods are highly effective in inducing lucid dreams whereas many also prefer to combine these 3 basic techniques with many other processes to get customized results.

Most of the methods you will ever get to learn related to lucid dreaming are different versions of these 3 basic methods, people make slight changes to these 3 techniques and give them new names but as a lucid dreamer you should know that the basic methods from which the other techniques have evolved are always the best.

Although I have written about the techniques that I am going to provide you here individually in different posts, here I will be giving you a brief introduction to those methods and you can explore those methods by navigating to the posts in which I have talked extensively on each of the methods.

The Three Most Effective Techniques for Lucid Dreaming

1. The WBTB Method

The wake back to bed technique is the basic requirement for inducing lucid dreams if you are trying to have lucid dreams at will. Other than the dreams where you naturally become lucid, if you are using any particular method for triggering a lucid dream then most of those methods involve you first performing the WBTB technique.

The wake back to bed method that we are talking about here is something that involves you targeting the REM stage of your sleep cycle so that you can increase the chances of having a lucid dream. In this method, you will have to wake up a few hours earlier than your regular wakeup time and keep yourself awake for a few minutes and go back to sleep once again so that you can complete your final sleep cycle while carrying the intention of becoming conscious inside your dream. Most of the methods that you will ever find will only take this basic WBTB method to different levels by adding some new elements to it. To know more about this technique, please refer to my post on “The WBTB Method for Lucid Dreaming“.

2. The MILD Technique

Another widely used practice for conscious dreaming is the mnemonic induction of lucid dreaming which is also a basic method that is often used along with many other advanced versions of it. In this process, you simply use your prospective memory to set intentions for having lucid dreams.

This method also involves the use of affirmations that will activate your prospective memory so that you can remember your intention of becoming conscious inside your dream. A lot of people combine the above-mentioned WBTB method with the MILD technique for getting the best results. To know more about this method please visit our post on “The Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams

3. The WILD Technique

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Now, we have come to the final recommendation on this list and probably the most effective lucid dreaming technique that not only is the most powerful method according to me but is also believed to be the best by most of the experts in the field of conscious dreaming because the wake induced lucid dreaming technique is something that gives you the opportunity to have a lucid dream almost every time when you perform it if you get better at it with practice and persistence.

The WILD technique is not much recommended for beginners because the process of performing it and being able to carry it out perfectly is very complicated and can only be perfected with practice. Not only that, but the WILD technique also increases the chances of multiple false awakenings and sleep paralysis which can both be very intimidating to anyone who has not experienced it before, however, for those who are advanced level lucid dreamers, both sleep paralysis and multiple false awakenings can be easily converted into lucid dreams.

In this process, you keep yourself awake while your body is falling asleep, after maintaining your level of consciousness to an extent that you fall asleep while your mind is awake, you can take your conscious awareness directly into a dream and use the opportunity to have a lucid dream with total ease. This method is also used for astral travel whereas it is very similar to Tibetan dream yoga but lucid dreamers use it for staying conscious when the body falls asleep and generates a dream. To know more about this process, kindly refer to our post named “The Most Effective Lucid Dreaming Technique“.

If you are new to lucid dreaming then I recommend you to try out “The Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp Course” which promises to help you learn the basics of lucid dreams within 30-days, whereas if you are looking for something that can take you from the basic level of lucid dreaming to the advanced level then I would recommend you to take a look at “Rebecca Turner’s Lucid Dreaming Fast Track Program“.

I hope you really enjoyed this post. Are you a lucid dreamer? Which of the above method do you think is the most effective and convenient for you? Please share your views and opinions with me, it will help me and motivate me to bring you more such content in the future.

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