The Wake Back to Bed Technique for Lucid Dreaming

In this post, I will be explaining to you the wake back to bed technique(WBTB) for lucid dreaming in detail and also provide you with the methodology of this particular process that is used by a lot of lucid dreamers to successfully induce lucid dreams. This method is very simple and that is why it is probably the best technique that can help beginners to have their first few lucid dreams because in this method you don’t get into any complicated technical aspect of conscious dreaming but you just use your sleep cycle and keep your mind active before the REM phase so that the probability of gaining lucidity inside a dream increases.

Unlike the WILD technique where you actively try to keep yourself awake, you let yourself naturally drift back to sleep in this process, people often like to combine the WILD technique (which I think is the best lucid dreaming technique) with WBTB but I would advise you if you are a beginner then don’t get too caught up by trying to apply too many techniques at once. I am very sure that if you follow the simple suggestions that I will be giving you in this post, you will be successful to induce your first few lucid dreams without much trouble because during the early morning hours your mind is already very active as it has completed about 4-5 sleep cycles which is enough for giving your body the essential rest that it needs for rejuvenation and using this technique is also preferable because it does not disturb your natural sleep cycle.

REM Phase and Morning Hours

The rapid eye movement stage of our sleep is where dreams occur, every night we go through various REM phases and deep sleep. Every REM phase followed by a deep sleep stage is what completes a sleep cycle and we require around 5 sleep cycles to give our body as well as the mind the proper relaxation which is essential for our health. With the WBTB technique, what we aim to do is to catch ourselves before the final sleep cycle or use an extra one for conscious dreaming. This also gives us the advantage of being able to recall our dreams because that is the most important part of lucid dreaming. When you wake up to perform the WBTB technique, you are preparing yourself to directly go into the state of dreaming with a strong intention to be able to lucid dream and this is why this method is very effective since we are far more prepared for both to attain lucidity as well as remember our dreams vividly during this particular time of the day.

How to Perform the WBTB Method?

Performing the wake back to bed lucid dreaming technique is pretty easy but what is important is to detect the time at which you have completed your natural sleep cycles so that you won’t fall into the deep sleep after waking up and instead will be able to go into the REM stage and wake up with complete memory of what you have dreamt of.

So first, make sure to sleep at least for 6-hours to ensure that your body and mind have gone through a peaceful and relaxed sleep and then you can focus on lucid dreaming. The first step in this process is to set an alarm about an hour before you usually wake up. Once you have woken up about an hour or two before your regular waking hour while ensuring that you have completed around 6 hours of sleep, the next thing you do is keep yourself awake for around 20-minutes.

During these few minutes, engage yourself in activities related to lucid dreaming, if you have had dreams before waking up, write them down in your dream journal and perform frequent reality checks during this time period. It is also recommended that you should get out of your bed and walk a little to make sure that you don’t fall asleep quickly.

Dream journaling and reality checks are a must thing to do while you are awake before going back to sleep, you can also think about the things you wish to do in your lucid dreams during this time period whereas reading a little about lucid dreams or using affirmations can also be very useful. I would not recommend you to watch any lucid dream videos or use your phone while you are keeping yourself awake because this may stop you from sleeping again.

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Once you have kept yourself awake for around 20-minutes or more depending upon your discernment on whether you can go back to sleep again or not, the next thing you do is go back to your bed and try to sleep again while keeping a strong intention of having a lucid dream.

That is all you have to do to perform the WBTB, also while going back to sleep you can use visualization for your dream if you wish to.


One of the best things I advise beginners to achieve lucidity with the help of this technique is to read some good books on conscious dreaming during the time they are awake before going back to sleep again in the morning, whereas, dream journaling and reality checks are also equally important. Doing reality checks when you are about to sleep again increases the probability of you performing the reality checks in your dreams. As a beginner, this is probably the least complicated method that you must use because it does not confuse you like most lucid dreaming methods. I would also like you to check out “The Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp Program” if you are new to conscious dreaming and if you have some experiences with lucid dreaming then I believe “Rebecca’s  Lucid Dreaming Fast Track Program” is something that you must try out to take yourself to the advanced levels of lucid dreaming.


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