8 Lesser Known Lucid Dreaming Benefits

Lucid dreaming is not about just having fun in your dreams but there are many practically applicable lucid dreaming benefits that make it a skill that can transform your life in many ways. Famous people like Nikola Tesla and Salvador Dali have used lucid dreaming to get some ideas that have resulted in amazing breakthroughs in their respective fields. Initially, for a person, lucid dreaming could be all about exploring various things that they can do in their dreams which is impossible for them to experience in real life but once the initial euphoria of lucid dreams ends, this journey leads people who are serious about conscious dreaming to find practical use of being able to have control over their dreams.

Most people are unaware of this lucid dreaming advantages but if with practice a person applies their ability of conscious dreaming then they can really transform their life because this particular skill helps you to explore your dream world which is also a key to communicating with the subconscious mind, so some powerful personality changes can be made with the help of lucid dreaming. Here are some most common things that you can achieve with the help of lucid dreaming:-

1. Dealing With Nightmares

Nightmares are a very common part of dreaming but frequent nightmares and reoccurring scary dreams can be an indication of some deep-rooted problems that your inner mind is trying to bring to your attention with the help of troublesome images. Our subconscious mind uses nightmares to communicate with us about any important life issue that we might be ignoring or we might have left unresolved. Also, the usual nightmares can disturb your sleep, especially if it is caused by any recent tragic event or something from the past that must have caused you a lot of emotional pain.

With the help of lucid dreaming, you can deal with such intimidating dreams that are causing a lot of disturbance during your sleep time. Once you have realized that you are dreaming, the nightmare converts into lucid dreaming which gives you the freedom to either change the dream or go into the root cause of that dream by asking questions in your dream scenario.

2. Facing Fears and Phobias

If in real life, you have phobias and extreme fears related to something that limits your capabilities then lucid dreaming gives you the stage where you can test your limits by facing your strongest fears by putting yourself into that scenario that scares the hell out of you in order to prepare yourself to the extent to which that particular thing will stop being scary to you.

For example, if you are scared of water then you can try going to a river in your dreams and thus overcome your fear by doing so because since you will be aware that it is a dream, you will be quite confident that nothing will happen to you. The emotions and feelings that you face in your dreams are very much real when you are dreaming, so by confronting things that terrify you, you will see that you will start to get less afraid of them gradually in the real life also.

3. Practicing Physical Skills

Many research works and studies have proven that lucid dreaming can improve any particular skill if you practice that skill consistently in your dreams. The application of this particular phenomenon can also result in improvement in various motor skills of a person. Lucid dreaming gives you a virtual world where you can hone your skills by not only preparing your mind for performing any particular feat in real life but you can also train your body to a great extent by doing this because our mind controls our body and once we have trained ourself in any particular area in our dreams, a very significant real-life improvement of that can be seen as a result.

4. Preparing For Exams and Presentations

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Just like the physical skills, lucid dreaming is highly useful for improving your mental state and you can mentally prepare yourself for any kind of scenario by living the possible future event with the help of your dreams. A lot of mistakes that occur during important events of your life where you have to give your best happen due to your nervousness and lack of confidence while facing those events. The pressure of getting the best results in a competitive scenario is always what causes people to perform far less than what they are capable of.

With the help of lucid dreaming, you can live out the scenario beforehand of any particular important future event where you want to achieve the most, like an examination, presentation, or interview. By playing out that specific future event in your virtual dream world over and over again, you can gain the confidence of being completely prepared for the real-life occurrence of it, this also gives you the advantage of being able to foresee any particular problem that can cause hindrance in your performance and rectify it ahead of time.

5. Finding Solutions

Our mind has its own limitations when it comes to problem-solving and these limitations are often a result of our perspective toward the problem because our analytical mind fails to think about the problem in hand from all the angles and it tries very hard to solve something by focusing on a single aspect of it. Lucid dreaming opens the door for us to go beyond our current way of approaching any particular problem and this allows us to get the solutions that can only come from viewing the issue or situation from a different perspective.

Many expert lucid dreamers and historical figures have used their dreams to find the solution that they were looking for because when we give up our struggles by allowing our powerful subconscious mind to solve any dilemma, we are presented with the ability to allow the greater intelligence than our conscious logical mind to work for clearing the obstacles on our way.

You get the opportunity to meet people who inspire you and your idols in your dreams in order to seek guidance from them, although they are the dream figures, you can trust your inner mind that these dream figures will be carrying the same wisdom as the real ones because our dreams can tap into the deeper level of thoughts to bring us simple solutions to the most complicated problems.

6. Lucid Dreaming Therapy

Lucid dreaming therapy is now a part of the practices used by many psychotherapists and a lot of studies nowadays have proved the effectiveness of using lucid dreaming for working on a person’s emotional problems. As a lucid dreamer, you can explore your inner world and find out the reason behind your current emotional problems, also you can work on your emotional health with the help of conscious dreaming.

In her program “The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track“, Rebecca has presented the methods to use the lucid dreaming therapy very well. As a conscious dreamer, you get the opportunity to resolve your deep-rooted agonies by actively confronting them and releasing them by gaining a better understanding of your own emotional issues.

7. Inspiration and Creativity

Just like problem-solving, finding inspiration for any new endeavor is also a task that is too difficult for our conscious mind because we tend to think in the only direction in which our predominating beliefs lead us to. Thinking out of the box is only possible for a mind that is not prejudiced and is open to receiving creative ideas that will not be readily discarded by a narrow-minded thought process that results from hard-wired beliefs.

Lucid dreaming will open many new doors for you from where you will be able to receive highly creative ideas and inspirations that will help you in any particular area of your life which is of utmost importance to you at any given point in time. Artists and writers have used lucid dreaming whenever they get stuck while working on any of their creations because the barrier created by the conscious mind is easily broken in the dream world and that is why lucid dreaming is a great tool for people who are in a constant need of creative solutions.

8. Spiritual Journey

Not a lot of people are aware but lucid dreaming can really help you with your spiritual growth because it allows you to tap into the deeper aspect of your existence. We are a lot wiser and spiritually advanced beings on a profound level unlike whatever we are on the surface level, so when we connect ourselves with our deeper part we naturally start to evolve as a being.

Activities like meditation and mindfulness are all used for going beyond the thought traffic of our conscious mind and the same can also be done with the help of lucid dreaming. Ancient Buddhist practices like the dream yoga is also a lot similar to lucid dreaming and if you are good as a conscious dreamer then it becomes easy for you to follow anything that involves maintaining conscious awareness while the body is falling asleep. I have even meditated in my dreams and in one of my lucid dreaming experiences I met with Gautam Buddha as one of my dream figures to get some answers to my doubts related to spirituality.

If you are new to lucid dreaming, I would like to recommend “The 30-day Lucid dreaming Bootcamp Program” which is specially designed to help beginners for learning the basics of conscious dreaming in a short amount of time.


I really hope that these benefits of lucid dreaming will encourage you to learn this particular skill because, with practice, all of these points that I have mentioned above are possible for anybody who aspires to lucid dream with total determination. If you found this post informative or you have any feedback related to this content then please share your views in the comment box below as it will really motivate me to bring more such content to this website.

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