5 Lucid Dreaming Dangerous Seeming Experiences

Every lucid dreaming beginner is afraid of the experiences that they hear from others which make them believe that lucid dreaming is dangerous.

Through this post I want to make people aware that lucid dreaming is completely safe because it is just like any other normal dream, the only difference is that you are aware that you are dreaming when you lucid dream.

Still, there are few things that can scare you while trying to lucid dream and this post will make you aware of it so that it won’t be big issue for you.

So here are few dream experiences that can become a hindrance in your path when you are trying to explore your dream world. However with proper knowledge you will learn to deal with them.

Sleep Paralysis

I have discussed Sleep Paralysis before; it is a state when we become aware of our body and surroundings while sleeping.

Sleep paralysis is actually a dream state in which we can sense the real world around us but we cannot move. It also often creates some hallucinations; this scares the hell out of the beginners and as a result they often stop trying to lucid dream.

Experienced lucid dreamers use this as an opportunity to induce lucid dreams.

Dream Figures

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Dream figures don’t like to accept that you are the person who is dreaming. In other words, your subconscious mind does not like it when you act like the boss.

Ill-treating the dream figures by thinking that you can do anything because it is your dream can cause real big troubles for you.

For example- A friend of mine decided to beat a cop in his very first lucid dream (I regret of not letting him know about this thing, glad that I am sharing it with you). The next day he had such a dreadful dream that he kept the lights on for weeks while sleeping and never dared to lucid dream again.

False Awakenings

False awakenings is a trick played by our subconscious mind to make us believe that the dream has ended; this may also be called as “dreaming inside a dream” like you must have seen in the movie inception.

You may not find it as something to worry about, but, sometimes you may have to deal with multiple false awakenings which is very annoying.

More than 5 false awakenings can cause a lot of frustration, this is something that I find most troublesome and the only solution to this is to perform reality checks as soon as you wake up.


Our subconscious mind uses dreams as a medium to communicate the problems of our inner world.

Lower unresolved emotional issues like fears, agonies, guilt, shame are often expressed in the form of nightmares.

If a lucid dreamer uses his control over dreams to avoid such nightmares, the subconscious mind can make him feel powerless over what is happening in such dreams.

These types of nightmares one the other hand, can prove out to be a solution to your biggest life problems if you are patiently willing to get the message conveyed by it without trying to escape.

Out-of-Body Experiences

I know that a lot of people say that your body is actually traveling in a parallel astral world or your consciousness temporarily gets separated from the body when this happens.

My intention is not to prove them wrong, but I have had out of body experiences and they appeared quite like a lucid dream to me, which is what many other lucid dreaming experts agree with.

It is a state where our mind constructs the dream scenes that are similar to our real world, so you may see everything at the right place in your dream as it is in your current location, it may sound scary but you can even see yourself sleeping in the bed.

That’s what they call OBE but I assure you that there is really nothing to worry about it because you will eventually wake up in your bed once the dream ends.


I hope you enjoyed this post, I would suggest you reading the post on my favorite lucid dreaming method.

Which among the above five dream situations have you faced? How do you feel about these experiences? Drop your comment below before leaving as I would love to hear your opinion on this.

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