Nevillize it! Working with Law of Attraction is Supposed to be Fun

Visualizing- It has always been a very confusing thing for people who begin to believe in “the law of attraction”.

Actually, it is our own logical mind that creates all this confusion. Visualization is something that we always do unconsciously and we used to deliberately do it when we were kids.

Working with law of attraction requires you to be playful and excited; if you will “Nevillize” then visualization becomes a fun process.

Our subconscious mind communicates through images. If I say “Apple”, no matter if you are aware of it or not your mind quickly associates the word “Apple” with the same fruit’s image. It happens naturally, so we are already good at visualizing.

Creative Visualization and Nevillizing

We use creative visualization to manifest our desires in life because that is the language using which we can communicate with the universe.

It is said that we can never imagine something that does not already exist in some other dimension, do not over think if you don’t get this as it is a bit difficult to be understood logically.

When we see no evidence of what we have visualized we start to doubt if we are doing it correctly or not.  But, there is no right or wrong way to visualize. However the manifestation of every desire depends on our vibration level.

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For example “eating ice cream” – The feeling that is associated with eating ice cream is what we have to add when we visualize, as if we are having it right now for attracting that “ice cream” in the physical world.

Nevillizing is the form of creative visualization where we aren’t only imagining the life we want, but we virtually live the end results in the present moment.

Nevillizing in Detail

The term “Nevellize” got popular from Joe Vitale’s incredible book “The Attractor Factor”. Joe Vitale named this method  after Neville Goddard-a very inspiring new thought author,

Nevillizing is a perfect method to use creative visualization for attracting anything that you want in your life. It uses vivid images to create a virtual reality of the “end result” of anything that you desire to achieve.

Neville Goddard suggested that we should always be an active participant when we imagine our future rather being a spectator.

However, for some people being a spectator works better.

It depends on what you are comfortable with but, Nevellizing is fun!

How to Nevellize?

A person should be very specific with what he wants in order to start Nevellizing the result, then he should do whatever he can to find out the feelings associated with the end result of those goals, for example- in order to attract a car, you must test drive and get to know the feeling of “having a car”.

Using “imagination” and emotions associated with it, a person should enjoy few moments every day of the virtual reality.

Detachment Factor

The main intention behind the concept of Nevillizing is to bring the feeling of “having it!”, but without “Detachment Factor”, Nevillizing is not very fruitful.

Just think for a moment-“Will you ever be craving for something that you already have?”

No, that never happens. The motive of Nevillizing is to bring this feeling of living the desired life NOW! And it is impossible to feel “I don’t have it” and “I have it” at the same time.. this is why “detachment is necessary”.


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