7 Quick Law of Attraction Exercises to Rock Your Day

I am bringing a few quick exercises here that can immediately raise your vibrations and change the quality of your thoughts so that you can have better days every week.

From many law of attraction exercises available these are the ones that you can perform anywhere and anytime to immediately shift the direction of your thinking.

I have chosen these methods from different places, try them and find out which one works for you.

1 – Rampage of Appreciation

Rampage of appreciation is a simple method to shift your focus to better thoughts instantly, it comes from the teachings of Abraham Hicks based book “Ask and It Is Given”.

When you feel that your thoughts have started to move in the wrong direction or when you want to increase the good feeling of any particular moment – Choose an object from your surrounding that makes you to feel good.

Start to appreciate it and think as many honest reasons possible to praise it. When you are done with one object, move to next one. (It can be anything, does’nt needs to be a material)

Keep doing it till you find yourself in a good mind state, it will help you to attract some instant good moments.


This exercise is an ancient Hawaiian practice; it got popular from the book written by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len named Zero Limits.

Whenever something negative/undesired thing happens (whether it is big or small).. Use these four steps: – You are saying this to yourself (with awareness that the outer world is your inner world’s mirror)

I love you
I am Sorry (Here you take responsibility of whatever is happening is because of you)
Please forgive me (This is for the unconscious thoughts that have caused it)
Thank you (Here you should release the negative feelings and feel grateful that the universe has shown you something that was essential for you to know)


This method could be used whenever you want get out of the box in order to take some new steps, this can be used in group meetings also as it is very appropriate for brainstorming.

It helps to kick away any negative idea that says “you can’t do it”.

I read about it in a chapter named the 333 story in the book “Chicken Soup for the Soul”.

Whenever you are making plans about doing something make it a habit to say “next” to every thought /advice that tells you why you can’t do it – Next! Next! Next!..no matter how much sense the negative idea makes..Next! Next!..until you only have the options that makes it possible.

4 – Climbing on the Wild Horse

Initially, for some people who are not much familiar to metaphysical materials, the above processes may seem futile because it requires a little higher positive approach than normal.

If this happens to you then the “Wild Horse Method” may come handy.

This funny exercise is taken from Rhoda Bryne’s book “The Power”.

She associates “negative thoughts” with a wild horse.

So, when you find yourself being too negative imagine that you have climbed upon a mad wild horse.

In the beginning it would be a bit difficult to try any such thing when you are feeling low, but it will work gradually.

This exercise shifts your focus from negative thoughts to this funny imagination. (You can also cartoonify it and use it as a shield while dealing with negative people.)

5 – I am in the process of…

In his book Law of Attraction, Michael J. Losier has presented this amazing way of using affirmations that is far more effective than the usual ones.

We know auto suggestions can help us to change our perspective about something. But when we are not feeling much positive about our goals using affirmations would be the worst thing to do because during those times we find it very hard to believe in those positive statements.

“I am in the process of” is the best thing to do when affirmations don’t appear real.

Like, when you find that you are feeling low because of your thoughts related to the “lack of money”, instead of using an affirmation like “I am a money magnet” you can use “I am in the process of attracting more money”.

Doing this will make some strong changes in your attitude because you will trust that “you are in the process of….” statement.

6 – I Bless You

In her Love or Above  course, Christie Marie Sheldon mentions that blessing people or things by saying (with true feelings) “I bless you with pure love and light, I bless you with purified source energy” brings more positive feelings.

You can bless anything, a cute baby you saw in the street, the cup of coffee that you are having, your pet, etc. or whatever you would like to. Blessing raises the vibration of the person who blesses.

7 – Segment Intending

Segment intending is again a process taken from the amazing book “Ask and It is Given”. Here you set the “tone” of the very next segment you are going to enter.

A segment used here refers to a particular part of your day. Like “brushing your teeth” was a segment and you are entering into a new one when you finish it.

What we do here is to declare our intention during any particular moment about how our next segment is going to be.

For example, suppose if you are having a good time while having your breakfast, you set the intention of how the next segment is going to be which could be a great commute to office.

This exercise with practice makes everyday better with combinations of all these small segments.


I hope you enjoyed this post and I am pretty sure that you will like to know some methods using which I make my visualization sessions awesome.

What are the law of attraction techniques that helped you the most? Do share your thoughts by commenting below, I would love to hear from you.

You can also send me your queries using the contact page.

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