The Free Flow Visualization Method – Easy and Effective Technique

In this post I am going to discuss a law of attraction creative visualization method that works best for me, it is a very simple visualization that anyone can do right after reading this post.visualization exercises that work like magic

It really does not matter whether you are new to using visualization or you have been already doing it, this technique will prove out to be very beneficial for you because it will make your creative side of the brain active.

Actually there is no specific source from where I learned this, I just tried many different methods and after trying some of the best programs like Lisa Nichole’s Creative Visualization I realized that the best way to use my imagination for achieving my goals would be to use it in a way that the whole process remains unhindered from any kind of negative thoughts.

Why Negative Thoughts Makes It Difficult for Us to Imagine Something Good?

I used to wonder about this always, whenever I tried to imagine my dream life, I will be troubled by some thought that will actually make it difficult for me to proceed any further and many times it comes in a form of a feeling that what I am desiring is impossible to achieve.

This made the whole process very difficult that I was not able to follow it regularly and it also was not at all effective since I was not that positive while doing it.

Later I realized that my limiting beliefs were responsible for these negative thoughts and once I cleared those beliefs using energy clearing, doing it became very easy.

However, the technique I am going to discuss here with you will not give rise to any such negative thoughts because you won’t be forcing yourself to do something, instead you will allow your mind to be free to shape your imagined scene, since you are giving up the control here, your thoughts will not go in any other direction.

Having Fun with Your Imagination!!

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The one important thing I have learned from all the law of attraction based books and programs is that you should feel happy emotions to make any method work and the same goes for visualization.

If you are having fun while imagining your dreamed life then only you can stay assured that whatever you are doing will work.what is secret law of attraction

This is why free flow visualization is what I prefer because it is all about having fun rather than doing it like a “task”, you do it out of your interest. What is more important than merely dreaming of something is to feel like your dreams have already come true because then only your creative power works to bring to you what you want.

So when you will start doing this regularly, there will come a time when you will do it because you will love those feelings, sometimes visualizations are so satisfying that you will not feel like you lack those things in your life, and that’s what you should aim for.

The Method

Okay, so I have talked enough about the technique now it is time for me to provide you the exact steps on how to do it.

Before doing this, I want you to relax completely. You can do it at any time of the day, but from what I have learned morning hours are the best time for any such activity yet I mostly prefer to do it before sleeping.


1 – Decide what exactly you want in your life; be clear about your goals.

2 – Just think of a scenario considering that your wishes have been fulfilled.

3 – Do not think as if it is happening in the future; imagine it in your present life, and then allow yourself to get immersed in the visions without caring about the timeline of the events.

4 – Now get involved in that particular scene and allow it to get shaped naturally, just go with the flow and try not to control the visuals from there on.

5 – What you can actively do after that is to visualize different scenes and continue like before.

Here’s an example:–

Suppose your desire is to buy a brand new car.

creative visualization beginners

Most people will mess up the whole process by imagining how the money will show up and then buying the car by visualizing the transaction.

See, if you want a car, you just want a “car”, not “money”.

All you will have to do is to see yourself driving that car in different scenarios and more importantly living the beautiful moments by enjoying the comfort that comes with owning a luxurious vehicle.

For example, if you imagine the scene that you are driving the car and taking your friends on a long drive, the visualization will continue with the usual fun you have with your friends but you will also bring the feeling of owning a car into the scenario.

You can do this using various imagined situations, like with your family, or lover, going to a meeting, holiday, shopping, etc. You can also use music for doing this as it boosts up the creativity, just be sure to have that fun “in your mind” before it actually happens!!

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