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7 Habits Which Enables You to Easily Tap into Your Subconscious Mind Power

In this post I am going to discuss a few habits which will help you to easily tap into your subconscious mind when you need it.

Your subconscious mind is like a supercomputer which has all the answers you need to make the right decisions, to learn a new skill, to achieve what you want in life, to change your behavioral patterns etc.

This subconscious mind power is available to you always, but you are unable to use it according to your will because you don’t have the appropriate knowledge of how it works.

Unlike our waking/conscious mind our subconscious mind’s working is quite illogical; our inner mind understands the language of feelings more than words or signs.

I have discussed about this in detail in the post named “Subconscious Mind Acts Like a Kid” so, due to such a nature of our inner mind it becomes difficult to communicate with it using our conventional ways however once you learn the methods then it could be life changing.

Here are the 7 habits that will enable you to build a strong rapport with your subconscious mind:-

#1- Be a Good Listener

Being a good listener is not just a trait for being a good person it is much more than just that, a good listener listens without any preconceived opinions and it allows him to be open to new information.

Here, we are not talking about listening to what others say but, to what your inner guidance is saying and to hear that voice you will have to be open and clear of judgments.

What I am trying to tell you here is to be more attentive to the voices you hear in your mind without labeling it as good or bad, once you learn to be a good listener you will start to understand your inner mind’s way of communicating.


#2- Practice Meditation

Since you have to calm down the voice of your conscious mind to hear what your subconscious mind is saying, meditation is the best practice which will help you to do that.

By doing meditation you become more aware of your feelings and the thoughts in your mind. As we know, feelings are our subconscious mind’s language so; by meditating you build a stronger rapport with your inner mind.

#3- Get in Touch with Nature

Nature allows our logical mind to relax opening up the possibilities of receiving solutions to our life problems from the vault of our subconscious mind.

If you could incorporate regular nature breaks in your schedule then you will be able to go beyond the annoying mind chatter and reach to that place from where you can get the ideas that can change the course of your life.

#4-Creative Visualization

Communication is a two way process, you send information and you receive information. In all of the above processes we were discussing the ways to receive the information from your subconscious mind but, there is a process which precedes that and it is sending the message.

I have already told you that our subconscious mind is like a kid, it does whatever you want it to do, but the problem here is that most people are not aware of how to send the instructions to it.

The most simple, convenient and fun way to send your message to your inner mind is to do it using the creative visualization process.

By creating an image of the end results which you want to get and holding it in your imagination, you allow the message to be conveyed to your subconscious mind.

#5-Present Moment Awareness

Being in the present moment is the quickest way to be in touch with your higher self, when you get more aware of your thoughts and feelings you start to hear what your inner mind is saying.


Our subconscious mind likes to play and have fun. It doesn’t like the seriousness of any situation and it never reveals itself to you when you are serious.

To build a strong rapport with your inner mind you will have to be playful, the more you do it in a fun way the more it will be successful.


Here is the most important thing you need in order to effectively tap into your subconscious power; yes it is “faith”. You will have to believe in your inner voice; with practice, you will be able to develop a strong faith.

When you will start to trust your inner guidance you will be able to easily recognize the messages of your subconscious mind.

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7 Amazing Things about Your Subconscious Mind That You Probably Don’t Know

I have been studying about the workings of the human subconscious mind for a very long time and I know this one thing for sure that no matter how much knowledge about it I have gained till now or will continue to explore the subject in the future, there will always be more to it than what I have learned before.

So, here I am going to share a few things with you about your subconscious mind that you might already know or maybe hearing for the first time; in both the cases the points are quite intriguing!

But, first, let me answer a common question according to my best understanding.

What Is Subconscious Mind and How Does It Work?

We can always refer to it simply as the “mind” without creating separation as the conscious mind and the subconscious mind if there were no “I” as an individual who has the ability to focus on anything at any given particular time when he is awake, this means that you are using your conscious mind in any task at which you are focusing actively right now.

But what when you are asleep the “I” that has the ability to perceive dissolves and then all that is operating is what- Yes, Your Subconscious Mind!

Let’s take an example of this – Suppose, you have to go to a nearby place.

You stand up and start to walk.

Now while walking you receive a phone call, you are now talking on the phone while making a left turn and then you realized that a motorcycle is coming from behind (blowing horn) so, you move a little sideways to give way to it.

So here is how it goes:-

1-      You started walking(conscious mind’s activity)

2-      You received a phone call( Your focus shifts to the phone call and your “walking” activity is then controlled by your subconscious mind).

3-      You make a left turn (Your focus goes to making a turn and your subconscious mind handles the activity of talking on the phone meanwhile). Kindly notice that the conscious mind “shifts” from one task to another because it can only do a single task at any given time frame. Also when your conscious attention is somewhere else, your subconscious mind can help you to continue a conversation.

4-      Giving way to the motorcycle.  (This one is very interesting, here your subconscious mind hears the sound of the horn and brings this information to your conscious attention. Afterward, your subconscious handles your natural reflexes as well as the conversation until you are back to your comfort level)

I guess the above example illustrates to you how your subconscious mind works in a very precise way, but this was just a small example. Your subconscious mind however takes care of numerous activities in your life; it is the mega computer that runs your life, whereas your conscious mind (which you consider to be your mind) can focus only on one thing at a time and the rest is all unconscious activity which is handled by your inner vast multitasking system.


Okay, so here are a few things about your subconscious mind that may amaze you if you are hearing this for the first time:-

1 – Time Does Not Exist for Your Subconscious Mind

There is no past or future for your inner mind; it does not have a sequential order for any happening which we perceive on a conscious level. (You may have felt it if you ever have dreamed of your childhood)

2 – Your Subconscious Mind Cannot Differentiate between Reality and Imagination

This is why creative visualization is such a powerful tool and it can create a major difference in your current reality.

3 – There Is No Such Thing as “NO” for It

Don’t think of an apple.. you thought of an apple right?.. That’s your subconscious mind flashing the image of an apple to the screen of your conscious mind.

4 – Your Subconscious Mind Is Like a Kid

Its way of working/communicating is illogical like that of kids, I wrote about this in the post named –Your Subconscious Mind Acts Like a Kid

5 – It Never Stops!

You sleep, get boozed, or pass’s always working. Of course, you must be alive though. Lol 😀

6 – It Has Noticed It All.

You think you only remember what you have consciously focused on. Like, you may be looking at a person on a conscious level, but your bigger mind is noticing the background, all the voices, movements in your vicinity(it registers the whole scene), the concept of photo reading is based on this.

7 – Your Subconscious Mind Can Tap into the Limitless Higher Informational Realm

This is something I thought I knew but, I actually understood it with help of a session in Christie’s Unlimited Abundance course. In one of the sessions in her course, she makes us imagine that we are meeting our past and future self. With the help of that exercise, I have received some very inspiring ideas that have worked really well for me.

This means that our subconscious mind can access information that is not available to us on the conscious level; it can bring us the right steps that can lead to success in any field.



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Photo Reading – What Is It and How Does It Work?

Do you think our vision is limited to what we are consciously seeing at any given moment? By this I mean the focus on what you are looking at right now, if you are reading these words then you are only conscious about the words in front of you, whereas your sensory perception is registering everything  of this particular scene.

Our subconscious mind captures every small and big activities of our daily life, whether you are awake or sleeping it is always working.

So, this means that we actually remember every single event of our life in complete detail.

Then why is it that we recall so less? Why it takes us so long to bring back anything that we have stored in our mind..?

It is due to the co-ordination between the conscious mind and subconscious mind. Continue reading

Psycho Cybernetics-Why We Get Addicted to Things That Never Makes Us Happy?

Addiction is not doing things that we love to do, it is doing things that we don’t like from an inner level but still, we do it regularly. It’s a total loss of freedom and the here irony is – we think that we are independent when we do things to which we are addicted, but a person is a prisoner of his own mind when he is doing things that he knows won’t give him joy.

I have always wondered about this – why we get addicted to things that never make us happy?

Kids will go on playing video games without knowing why they are doing it, chain smokers will keep on smoking without knowing why are they actually doing that, we often keep ourselves engaged in activities that never yield us good results- the worst part here is that we know that these things don’t make us happy yet we do them anyhow.

The truth here is that our mind gets programmed to do certain things and we unconsciously get drawn to do those tasks – all the addictions are the ways that our mind uses to escape the present moment.

There is an illusion in all the things that makes us addicted, our mind deceives us by assuring that doing it will bring us joy, and for those few minutes our conscious mind escapes the present moment, which means that one does not have to experience any pain or worry during those few time gaps but, all addictions leave us back Continue reading

Hypnotic Nature of Advertising – Role of Emotions in Selling

“Good Wine Needs No Bush” how true these words of Shakespeare is in today’s world?

The competitive nature of today’s modern market makes advertisement a golden tool to boost business because it involves the emotions of the people.

Do you know that these advertisements work more with your emotions than your logic?

Advertisements actually work with something that is beyond our conscious thinking, it is our subconscious mind.

Here we will discuss the hypnotic nature of advertising which is aimed to drive the public to buy products by influencing their subconscious mind.

The act of buying is based on emotions; we are programmed to behave according to the ideas that have taken root in our inner mind. The process to influence the subconscious mind of people is very illogical and different from the common understanding. Continue reading

Psychological Effects of Reading Books-Cultivate a Life Transforming Habit

Earlier when I used to hear many popular figures on T.V and magazines saying that a book changed their life I used to think “How the hell can a book change someone’s life?”

Bob Proctor, who is my inspiration and one of the well-known figures in the success coaching industries today, has always mentioned in his seminars that the book “Think and Grow Rich” transformed his life.

I knew that there are some psychological effects of reading books but I never trusted that their impact in our life could be so strong that it can transform us.

Now, I have realized that they were speaking the truth and that’s why I am writing this post so that I can share what I have understood about the impact that books can cause in one’s personality. Continue reading

You are not a sinner-Universal Law of Forgiveness!

As I have mentioned before one of the most inspirational books I find is Raymond Holiwell’s “Working with The Law“.

The author also recommends that you should read it as much as you can and he puts this in a very beautiful manner by saying “You don’t find something that was missing in the pages before, but you find something that you never saw in yourself before”!

I am reading over and over one of the chapters of this book from last few days because it has a deep meaning and every time it gives me a new insight.

The chapter is the one that teaches us the “Universal Law of Forgiveness”, and in this chapter, the author has explained it in a very nice manner how the impressions in our consciousness could be the cause of many physical diseases. Continue reading

The Subconscious Mind Acts Like a Kid-Don’t Ignore It!

Ever wondered what is the language of the subconscious mind? Well, I have and I think I have learned one thing for sure, it is like a kid and it does not really listen to you when you try to interact with it directly.

Though I keep exploring a lot of materials that helps me to know how to use my subconscious powers to achieve my goals, the first time I came to know about its kid like nature was when I was reading David Debold’s Miracle Mastery book because in one chapter he shares an exercise to connect with the subconscious mind using this particular analogy.

Being said that, it becomes obvious that the language of our subconscious mind is not that easy to understand when we try to make sense of it using our logical way of thinking.

But, when we relax and shut off our “evidence seeking” logical mind, it becomes easy and simple to communicate with our inner mind. Continue reading