The Spiritual Guilt Trap- Don’t Ever Criticize Yourself for Wanting More!

Today, I am going to share a true realization with you that I have noticed in my life as well as others which I never really knew was my own “enemy” until I saw it residing inside me and affecting my actions.

I found this little enemy of mine when I was going through Lisa Nichol’s Creative Visualization course in the lesson number 4 where she teaches that we often stop ourselves from wanting things that we know will make us happy because we believe that having such desires is non-spiritual.

Let’s be honest here, don’t you see this in the world and yourself very often?.. Like when you are with someone whose opinion matters a lot to you- You act as a person who is not much desirous or sometimes the other person hides what he wants for himself because he fears that you will judge him?

Our concern here is not how you pretend in front of others, if you will just watch your thoughts with a little more awareness you will find that you deny things in life because you think that wanting too much in life is not good from the spiritual aspect.

How and Why We Keep Ourselves Away from Our True Wants in Life?

Sadly, people who have immense ability to achieve their goals are the ones who are mostly affected by this mind trap.

I am not saying that everyone doesn’t have the power to get the life they want-We all have!

However, people who have come to realize that there is much more to this world then what we see and those who are involved in activities to nourish their soul are the ones who can really make some big changes because a large population in the world is still living their life with the belief that they have no control over their reality.

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Now, despite of knowing that we have a spiritual power using which we can create our life the way we want, we often stop ourselves from aiming too high than what we think we can achieve..

This belief that “wanting too much is spiritually wrong”, keeps us stuck in our current life circumstances.

The fear that people will resent us for having “too much” and they will feel that we have changed or may be the fear that “greed” will take us over etc, all these are results of this root cause that stops us from living a life that we truly deserve.

And that cause is the belief which the society at some level considers to be true (especially middle class and upper middle class) – Rich people are non-spiritual or having too much makes one to forget god.

Denying materialistic needs is always considered as an act of a pure soul.

Society programs our mind in a way that we unknowingly somewhere deep inside our mind consider that having more then what we need will make us bad.

It’s Okay to Have an Abundance of What You Need

Spirituality is not at all related to what you have or don’t have in this time space reality.

You can always be a spiritual person rather of the fact that you live in Himalayas or Las Vegas..LOL..

Even though you may agree with me on an external level, I want to tell you that this particular belief operates in a much deeper level inside us which stops us from doing things which will take us towards the right direction, so you will have to work on this if you want to reach higher goals in life than what you presently consider is possible.


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