7 Amazing Things about Your Subconscious Mind That You Probably Don’t Know

I have been studying about the workings of human subconscious mind from a very long time and I know this one thing for sure that no matter how much knowledge about it I have gained till now or will continue to explore the subject in the future, there will always be more to it than what I have learned before.

So, here I am going to share a few things with you about your subconscious mind that you might already know or may be hearing for the first time; in both the cases the points are quite intriguing!

But, first let me answer a common question according to my best understanding.

What Is Subconscious Mind and How Does It Work?

We can always refer it with the term “mind” without creating a separation as the conscious mind and the subconscious mind if there were no “I” as an individual who has the ability to focus on anything at any given particular time when he is awake, this means that you are using your conscious mind in any task at which you are focusing actively right now.

But what when you are asleep the “I” that has the ability to perceive dissolves and then all that is operating is what- Yes, Your Subconscious Mind!

Let’s take an example of this- Suppose, you have to go to a nearby place.

You stand up and start to walk..

Now while walking you received a phone call, you started talking on phone while taking a left turn and then you realized that a motorcycle is coming from behind (blowing horn) so, you move a little sideways to give way to it.

So here is how it goes:-

1-      You started walking(conscious mind’s activity)

2-      You received a phone call(conscious mind-> talking on phone, subconscious mind-> walking activity)

3-      Left turn(conscious mind->phone-shift to turn- shift to phone) (subconscious mind-> walking +phone+turn)..notice conscious mind “shifts” from one task to other because it can only do a single task at any given time frame.

4-      Giving way to the motorcycle (Conscious mind-> Phone – shift to motorcycle horn- shift to giving way-shift to phone).. ( subconscious mind->walking + phone + motorcycle horn)

I guess the above example illustrates to you how your subconscious mind works in a very precise way, but this was just a small example. Your subconscious mind however takes care of numerous activities in your life; it is the mega computer that runs your life, whereas your conscious mind (which you consider to be your mind) can focus only at one thing at a time rest is all unconscious activity which is handled by your inner vast multitasking system.


Okay, so here are a few things about your subconscious mind that may amaze you if you are hearing this for the first time:-

1-Time Does Not Exist for Your Subconscious Mind

There is no past or future for your inner mind; it does not have a sequential order for any happening which we perceive on a conscious level. (You may have felt it if you ever have dreamed of your childhood)

2-Your Subconscious Mind Cannot Differentiate between Reality and Imagination

This is why creative visualization is such a powerful tool and it can create a major difference in your current reality.

3-There Is No Such Thing as “NO” for It

Don’t think of an apple.. you thought of an apple right?.. That’s your subconscious mind flashing the image of apple to the screen of your conscious mind.

4-Your Subconscious Mind Is Like a Kid

Its way of working/communicating is illogical like that of kids, I wrote about this in the post named –Your Subconscious Mind Acts Like a Kid

5-It Never Stops!

You sleep, get boozed or pass out..it’s always working..Of course you must be alive though..Lol

6-It Has Noticed It All..

You think you only remember what you have consciously focused on…like you may be looking at a person on a conscious level, but your bigger mind is noticing the background, all the voices, movements in your vicinity(it registers the whole scene), the concept of photo reading is based on this.

7-Your Subconscious Mind Can Tap into the Limitless Higher Information Realm

This is something I thought I knew but, I actually understood it with help of Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping because through his very unusual visualization method based on the concept of meeting one’s alternate self, he teaches to receive ideas that can take a person to his desired version of himself.

This means that our subconscious mind can access information that is not available to us on the conscious level; it can bring to us the right steps that can lead to success in any field.


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