The Law of Reversed Effort-Are Your Thoughts Working Against You?

According to the law of reversed effort when a person’s desire and imagination is in conflict, his imagination will win.

In other words a person’s subconscious mind will accept the dominant idea of the mind no matter what you try to impress on it using your will power it will be working the other way. In fact the more you try to forcefully impress an idea or suggestion in your subconscious mind the quicker will be the opposite effect because your fear in such cases will be more dominant then you desire, it is very obvious that when a person is anxious he is acting out of fear on the other hand when a person is at peace it gets easier for his subconscious mind to work according to his wish.

Let me explain you this with an example:- Suppose you forgot a certain name or a song, you try to recall it using your will but it gets harder to recall that name, you give your best effort but you cannot retrieve that specific information. Finally you give up and go to sleep; you are at peace with you mind as you relax and suddenly that name or song pops up in your head.

What happened in the above case is when you were trying hard to recall that name/song your dominant feeling was “I forgot it” and the more you tried the harder it was to bring it back from your memory bank. Now, when you were about to sleep you let go the effort and eased off so, the feeling of “I forgot” went away and your subconscious mind followed the instruction.

Are You Becoming Your Own Enemy?

Most of us have a problem in giving proper instruction to our subconscious mind because our old conditioning produces a voice inside us which acts as a hindrance in the path of our desires in life.

Feeling of fear is one of the major obstacles that counter-balances all of our positive thoughts and efforts.

Christie Marie Sheldon in her unlimited abundance program calls it as the cross purpose which sends mixed messages to the universe, she also helps us to remove such blocks so that our desires could manifest.

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Mixed messages are unclear intentions which a person has when he hears a lot of voices in his head because of desires that are not in accordance to his old conditioning so, here either he has to choose another desire or he will have to work to change the beliefs in his subconscious mind and replace it with the new better ones.

Never Try to Force a Suggestion on Your Subconscious Mind

We have discussed now that a person’s dominant thought will be accepted by his subconscious mind and putting more effort makes it to follow the opposite of the desire.

So, a wise thing to do when faced with such situation where the dominant thought is opposite of what is desired will be to relax and remove all the negative feelings. Using imagination in a fun manner rather than with anxiousness to achieve a specific result will be a very good option here.


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