Spiritual Healing of Broken Heart-Heal Yourself from the Emotional Pain

Every incidence in our life which makes us to suffer emotionally has a great impact on our spiritual body or our energy system.

While you may try your best to not think about the past but it seems too hard to forget what happened to you because your energy system is loaded with negative energy patterns which attracts thoughts that feeds your current emotional status.

Whether let it be a one sided love or betrayal, the pain causes a block in your energy system which stops you from thinking positively, the whole world seems hostile to a person who has gone through a heart break.

Time Heals Pain Not the Energy Patterns

Time definitely works as a great healer and it changes a person’s emotional state automatically so, if you could just let a few days/months pass without dwelling in the past then you will naturally find yourself getting free of such emotional pain.

On an external level you may feel okay after the time gap, but your inner world may still need healing   because you might have developed a negative energy pattern around the subject of “love” and this will further attract circumstances and events which will again cause the similar kind of suffering.

You might have noticed this in your and other people’s life- We all keep on attracting similar life situations until we have altered our core beliefs about the subject.

For Example- A woman who has been cheated by her boyfriend will develop a strong negative beliefs about men like “all men are disloyal” and due to her such belief she will keep on attracting disloyal men in her life until she realizes that some inner work is needed or she gets emotionally unavailable for the rest of her life.

How to Heal a Broken Heart Spiritually?

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Now, we know that after a heart break a person needs a little healing spiritually so, let us discuss this in a bit more detail.

We all have a energy body around us(aura) and it is the result of the set of beliefs that we have in our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is programmed according to the set of ideas that were passed down to us by our society or our parents when we were growing up. If you have seen your mother in a lot of pain as a kid then you might have formed an energy pattern which attracts emotional pain.

People who in childhood have seen their parents fighting very often are very much likely to attract toxic relationships in their life.

The good news is that you can change your beliefs and reprogram your subconscious mind to attract beautiful and nurturing relationships; all you need is a little self analysis.

With the help of the feelings that you feel while thinking about a subject you can detect your subconscious mind programming about it, all you have is to feel good by deliberately finding better thoughts around that particular aspect of your life and feel better.

You can also prefer to find lot of positive evidences that will convince your mind that you are worthy to receive love and that a nurturing relationship is possible. Look for good evidences and you will start to see it everywhere. If you have a strong intent to find a lot of positive evidences than you will find them with ease.

Heart Chakra Healing:-

The flow of love in your life depends on the well being of the heart chakra in your energy body. A lot of past incidences often cause a person to get his heart chakra blocked. When the energy flow is not proper through the heart chakra then a person is reluctant to receive love.

One of the best ways to open yourself to receive love is listening to Christie’s Heart Center Awakening meditation that is available for free download in her love or above free energy breakthrough kit(click to download).

So, all you have is to take a strong decision that you will only attract good relationships and work a little with your inner world in order see the outer results.


If you are interested in knowing more about how to keep your energy centers in a good state so that your life problems can be solved then you may want to check out Jeffery Allen’s Duality program.

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