The Subconscious Mind Acts Like a Kid-Don’t Ignore It!

Ever wondered what is the language of the subconscious mind? Well, I have and I think I have learned one thing for sure, it is like a kid and it does not really listen to you when you try to interact with it directly.

Though I keep exploring a lot of materials that helps me to know how to use my subconscious powers to achieve my goals, the first time I came to know about its kid like nature was when I was reading David Debold’s Miracle Mastery book because in one chapter he shares an exercise to connect with the subconscious mind using this particular analogy.

Being said that, it becomes obvious that the language of our subconscious mind is not that easy to understand when we try to make sense of it using our logical way of thinking.

But, when we relax and shut off our “evidence seeking” logical mind, it becomes easy and simple to communicate with our inner mind.

A Kid with Godlike Powers

Imagine if a small boy living next to your house was gifted with godlike powers, how will you make that child to fulfill your wishes?

You cannot order him to do anything, in fact, doing that might backfire and ruin all your plans, yes you can use the very old technique to lure him using toys but remember this kid has all the powers and you cannot probably give him something he cannot get by himself except one thing, your time and company.

That’s how it works with our subconscious mind, it likes to play and have fun. If you are not an interesting person then you are not a good company and your wishes won’t be fulfilled!

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On the other hand, things that happened in your childhood has programmed this inner child according to which it creates your life, though such things don’t matter to you much on the conscious level, you may not realize how your childhood has been responsible for who you are today.

People use a plethora of law of attraction techniques and fail, not because the methods are not powerful, but due to the fact that they totally miss that the reason behind using those techniques was to let your inner mind know about your desire and you need to enjoy the process because as I said if it is not fun, the kid inside you won’t be interested in it.

When you do creative visualization to feel happy, that’s interesting, but when you do it just to make something happen, it’s not! And that rule applies to all the other methods using which you try to communicate with your subconscious mind.

Language of the Subconscious Mind

Apart from just being able to control our behavioral patterns, the subconscious mind also has the access to the infinite power of the universe, you can also call it the infinite intelligence or universal mind.

Which means that it can provide solutions to all your problems and it can also guide you in making the right decisions, that’s what we call intuition.

Yo must learn to differentiate between the voice of your inner self from your usual mind chatter in order to understand these signals, and again, these messages also don’t make any sense to us if will use our logical thinking mind to interpret them.

Let me give you an example “a person dreams of someone very close to them dying? On the conscious level they get scared because despite being skeptical your conscious mind or ego believes that dreams have the tendency to predict the future, you may worry that something undesired will happen soon, but, mostly that’s how our inner mind tries to tell us about a change in life which doesn’t really needs to be a negative one or related to that specific person.

Communicating Effectively with This Kid

So now, one thing is clear that we must find an effective way to establish communication with our inner mind if want to live a successful life, but you might be wondering how?

Well, there are many ways to tell your inner mind about your conscious intentions and many for receiving messages from within so that you could the right steps in life, but most importantly you must get involved in personal development activities if you want to know your inner world better.

Once you become more aware, it becomes easy for you to understand this inner child better, this also means that you must give the first priority to your inner state before everything else because your outer world is a reflection of what happens inside.

If you want this kid (which is a part of you) to be your friend, then I suggest you telling this inner child some positive story and replace the past negative stories with it, people do this in varies ways, but energy clearing is what works for me the most so I will recommend that to you as well.


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