The Universal Law of Sacrifice – Paying the Price for Success

What does it mean to sacrifice something? Does the universal law of sacrifice say that we should lose something precious to get what we want? This post will be answering many such questions that pops up in your head whenever you think about this particular subject.

Generally the word “sacrifice” has a lot of negative beliefs attached to it, which makes us to see it as something that will cause suffering that is how we have been taught about it by the society.

Our society believes that a true sacrifice is when someone deliberately gives away what mattered a lot to them.

If you want to be a happy person, I would advise you to discard all such notions that makes you to compromise something that you love.

The “price” about which we are going to talk here is entirely a different thing.

Undoubtedly, you have to lose a few things to pay the price for a better life, but remember you are not doing a business with the universe.

To accomplish any goal, you have to relinquish that which acts like leg cuffs, not allowing you to move forward. These are the habits, beliefs and decisions that doesn’t allow you to change.

When you are working with the laws of the universe you have total freedom to choose what you want. So, if it is hard for you to give up the old life, the good news is that you can keep it.

The True Meaning of Sacrifice

Contrary to what is usually believed, a sacrifice that is made painfully is not necessarily something for which the universe will bless with a large fortune.

To get what you want, you will have to sacrifice everything that is negating your efforts to make the progress towards your goals.

In most cases, these things are not something very valuable, but they give an illusion of being an important part of your life.

It is like carrying a heavy baggage when you are heading towards the finish line presuming that you need them. But once you open it, you will find that it is full of junk.

Let me clarify using a few examples: – If you want trustworthy friends, you will have to become an honest person (Junk – Dishonesty).

If you want to lose weight, you will have to take a balanced diet (Junk – Overeating).

If you want to be a peaceful person, you will have to take care of your mind (Junk – Worry, Stress, Anxiety, Anger etc.).

We can infer from the above examples that the price to be paid for anything is simply what is holding us away from that.

It entirely depends on you to decide what matters. Let us take another example- A person desires to have a good job, but is not willing to leave their old unsatisfying job. In this case, the “safety” matters more to them than their desire.

Your priority is the deciding factor, you can sacrifice your current life for the one that you desire or you can sacrifice your desires for the convenience of the current life.

Paradigm Shift

Sacrifice is not about losing something in the external world, but it is about making a change in one’s own inner world, in other words, you can say that it is about sacrificing the old “You” to create a new “You”.

And this process is mainly about clearing the old paradigms. Paradigms are the set of ideas present in a person’s subconscious mind which controls their habitual behavioral patterns. In order to make a change in one’s life, a person must clear these old limiting beliefs.

Discarding these old beliefs is the real sacrifice that is to be made to get a different life, there are many methods that can be used to do this. I have discussed a few such techniques that I use in the post named “Allow Your Abundance“.

Paradigm shift is a state that results when a person gets rid of any certain strong limiting belief that was blocking their success, in this state a person kind of gets the Midas touch in that specific area of their life.

Sacrifice is good, isn’t it?

A practical way to be in harmony with this law is to give up your old lifestyle so that you could gradually move towards your dream life, let’s see how it is done.

Discipline That Is Desired, Not Imposed

Some people see this principle as giving up all the leisure by replacing it with struggle to have a better life, if that would have been the case, then this law would have awarded all the comforts to the workers rather than the employers.

I am not saying that you should not be working, what I am saying is that before you start to work find out “what works”.

You will have to organize your day in a way that you will be taking baby steps to achieve your goals.

The law will work based on what you value in your life so, if you are not prioritizing your desired goals in your day to day activities, then what you have in your life right now will continue to exist.

Everyone understands the importance of discipline in life as we have been taught about it from our childhood, but, we find it extremely difficult to organize our day, you know why? It is because the “desire for discipline” is essential before one implements it.

We lack that desire for discipline because we are not passionate enough for our goals. You cannot get any different result without sacrificing your current lifestyle and your willingness to make this sacrifice depends upon how much you love your goals.

First, set a goal for which you are willing to change yourself and then only you will be able to organize your life with the help of a discipline that is desired, because when you force discipline on yourself it never works out, unless someone else is controlling you.

Select an idol (maybe an imaginary greater version of yourself or a real world hero) and gradually keep trying to become like that. Your idol will tell you what you have to give up in order to reach there, that’s how one lives in harmony with the laws of the universe.


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