What Do You Value in Your Life?-The Law of Attraction Works Accordingly

We all have a lot of stuff in our life which we value so much, with a little self-analysis we can easily find what we value the most in our life.

But, from what shows up in one’s life, it becomes clear that they often pretend to value things which they actually don’t value innately.

This is a self-deceiving act which normally exists in everyone’s life. I came to know about this while hearing the session named “Getting Clear on Your Values” in Christie’s Unlimited Abundance Course.

Christie performs various clearing statements in this session that revolves around things that a person actually values in his life.

Are You Really Living Your Life the Way You Think?

People often lie to themselves by pretending to live life in a manner they think it should be, however, reality is quite the opposite.

For example:-

You may say and believe that “time is precious”, but you waste most of your time doing unimportant things.

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You may pretend “Money should be saved”, but you spend it on unnecessary things.

These are just two common examples, there are tons of stuff in people’s life where they fail to do things which they value or think that they value it.

Start Making Changes Now

The law of attraction works in accordance to what you consider important in your life.

Being very clear on what you value in your life is vital for attracting the lifestyle of your choice. You can jolt down your intentions and read it in order to proceed in this direction.

Let’s say you value “honesty” in your life then your loa affirmation could be-“I only attract honest people in my life”

You may think here that it is impossible to attract only honest people in one’s life because the world is filled up with a large number of dishonest people, NO! –World is not filled up with dishonest people it is filled with dishonesty and it is also filled with the same amount of honesty.

So, when a person gets clear on his value such as “honesty”, he does not attract honest people instead he brings up their honest part which exists in everybody.

It’s a Program in Your Subconscious Mind

Everything that you value is a set of program in your subconscious mind which runs your life.

By what you value I don’t mean the things that you tend to value consciously, in most cases your subconscious programming is quite the opposite of what you think is important in your life because you have so many negative energies attached to it.

Make sure to be crystal clear about your wants in your life and keep clearing the energies around what you value in your life, so that your life gets filled up with everything you want and to attract the lifestyle that you truly desire.

You can get clear on your values by getting more aware of your thoughts, because from there you can make conscious decisions which will be aligned with your intention of what you want in your life.


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