Using the Law of Attraction to Get Your Ex Back – Bad Idea!

If you are using the law of attraction to get your ex back then this is a must to read for you. A lot of my readers mail me about getting tips to use the manifestation methods that can bring their lover back and my replies to them regarding this subject are often what they don’t expect but I cannot stop being honest even though such information is disappointing for them.

What people fail to understand is that success and failures are a part of our life and when we are too much concerned about getting a specific result using the universal laws, we fail to learn the important lessons that a situation might be trying to teach us.

There are a lot of products available these days that are based on the law of attraction that promises that it can help people to get their desired someone to be their partners or how they can improve a broken relationship.

It is true that you can improve a relationship using this knowledge but the most important part of that process is all about working on your own inner world, it has nothing to do with the other person.

There is a probability that when you improve your own emotional state a broken relationship can improve, but wishing for a specific outcome can be disastrous.

I have been asked by my readers to write a review on programs like “Manifest Your Ex Back” but I have restrained from exploring such programs, not because I am against them or I don’t believe in their methods but because I understand the vulnerable state of a person who might be looking for such product and I want them to come out that state first.

The law of attraction manifestation methods are not magic tricks that will bring to you the exact person you want in your life, it is a way of self-improvement that gives you the results that your higher self wants for you in life which is always best for you. Manifestation process cannot happen unless you come out of the need to have a particular kind of life, you need to be fulfilled and happy as if all that you have wanted has already happened.

Below I am going to enlist six main reasons why you should not get crazy about using LOA techniques to bring a partner into your life, this will give you a better idea about what I am trying to say here.

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Strive for Specific Someone to Be Your Life Partner

Here are some reasons that I believe will help you to understand that desiring a specific someone to be your lover is something that stops you from seeing the bigger picture and blocks the abundance that the universe is always trying to bring into your life.

1 – Free Will

Have you ever thought about this? We all have free will to choose whatever we want in life. What about the free will of the other person when you want them to love you? You might be the perfect person for them but is it necessary that they want a perfect relationship?

We all are gifted with free will by nature and we need to respect a person’s choices always. As bitter as it sounds, love never makes a person to posses someone only lust does. Your higher self always wants your loved ones to be happy, your soul never forces you to get someone back because if they are meant to be with you, they will be, period.

If trying too hard is draining your energy, it is time to stop and realize that your inner guidance is asking you to “let go”. Look at your life, in the past what mattered to you a lot is not your priority right now and what you want right now will be insignificant in the future. Holding on to the desires will only result in self-sabotage and victim mentality which is dangerous for you as well to others.

2 –  Healthy Relationships

Okay so you might get successful to get someone back or you might create circumstances that will make your loved one come back but do you think such a relationship will survive?

A person’s will power is very effective and sometimes they may get successful to get someone to be their partner but when a house is built on a weak foundation it will fall one day or the other.

Unless you fill yourself with love and reach higher vibrations, you will only attract people who are also looking for a toxic relationship, one may ask why someone might be wanting such kind of relationship but what you need to understand is that when you are driven by your egoist desires you will attract a similar person in your life so that you both can go through a difficult journey that is meant to teach you something valuable in life.

3 – Negative Impact

When you wish for a relationship or try to stay in a relationship just because of your emotional needs it will negatively affect both of you to a point where one or the other person decides to leave.

A healthy relationship is formed when two people love each other unconditionally but when we want someone to fulfill our ego needs, such relationships become a prison for both people. For some time that prison might feel like a paradise but the truth will get exposed soon.

Likewise, when you want someone specific to be your partner, such a desire might initially feel like true love but gradually you will start getting negative feelings like jealousy, possessiveness, guilt, shame, anger, etc.

The sole reason why love turns into hatred is that when two people want specific things from their partners they attract each other and when any one of them begins to want something that the other person can’t provide, the relationship starts to deteriorate.

Emotionally healthy individuals never attract people who are in need of something from their partners, they attract souls that want to live peacefully and joyfully. They don’t complete each other but they complete the relationship as they know they are already complete. One of the most powerful books on relationships that I ever read “Conscious Loving” talks about this subject in detail.

4 – Self Image

Our self-image present in our subconscious mind is the thoughts and beliefs we hold about ourselves. These beliefs are responsible for the kind of people we get attracted to and it also shapes our reality. When you get into a relationship, that self-image changes because you get approval and appreciation from someone else.

But when that relationship ends your self-image changes all of a sudden because you start to feel unworthy as all the attention you were getting earlier does not exist anymore. This is why healing after heartbreak is essential because your self-esteem is badly affected due to such emotional traumas.

Believe it or not, the truth is that you want the other person so badly back into your life is because you want that old self-image back, you want to feel needed again and you want their approval.

Learn to love yourself before you expect love from others and when you will have a healthy self-image without requiring the approval of anyone else you will stop trying hard to get someone.

5 – Important Life Lessons

When you are too concerned about bringing your partner back into your life you fail to learn the essential lessons that life might be trying to teach you through such circumstances. When you don’t want to accept the pain and you try hard to get out of that situation by trying to make someone love you back, you make the biggest mistake of ignoring your inner self.

They may come back into your life or not but till you learn those lessons such patterns will keep repeating in your life. Your limiting beliefs are what stops you from achieving your desires until you get rid of those beliefs such patterns will keep repeating in your life.

There are people especially women who start to think that a break-up has made them stronger but in truth, they don’t do anything about their emotional problems instead they form a shield around them and stop trusting people. Such people fail to form any close relationships in the future due to the fear of getting hurt again, this kind of mindset is also not healthy.

Both ignoring your pain as well as getting too affected by such feelings will not serve you well, you need to accept the situation and work on solving your inner issues.

6 – Divine Decisions

This is the most important point of this whole post that I wanted to share with you, sometimes in life, we expect the answers from one particular path whereas the door to our abundance lies somewhere else. Whenever you force yourself to get something, you are not going with the flow.

Call it the divine power or nature, your wellbeing is the prime concern of the universe but you fail to know that due to your egoistic needs. We bang our head on a door multiple times because we think that is the right door but when we become aware of the fact that our mind has been deluded by emotional problems only then we are able to do something about it.

Once you work on your feelings and deep emotions, you start to think clearly. It is then you will realize which path is actually meant for you.

A person might be separated from you for a good reason, the universe might be having better plans for you. Maybe you will get that person back or maybe you will get someone better but you have to trust in the higher power that it will always only bring to you whatever is best for you.


So these were a few important things that I wanted to share with you. Keep these points in mind in life always and you will learn to attract positive relationships into your life which will be fulfilling for you and your partner.

If you are confused about the inner work I have been talking about in this post then all you need to know is that you have to work on your subconscious beliefs continuously to make progress in any area of your life. Energy clearing is one method I suggest for doing this, you can try my 3 energy block clearing methods for this or if you find it had to believe in such things then you can also do the same work using hypnosis, my most favorite one is transformational hypnotherapy that I learned from Marisa Peer’s Uncompromised Life program.


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