How the Energy Work Is Done – Simple Healing Method for Everyone

I talk a lot about energy healing here in my blog but I am writing this post especially for people who want to know how the energy work is done on a spiritual level.

Today, I not only want to tell you about the energy clearing mechanism but I also want to share with you a method you can practice right away even if you have no previous experience of the energy work.

When I started to learn about the spiritual aspect of our existence, I was very serious about all the techniques I learned and I will be honest with you, I failed to actually make any use of those methods.

Of course, I saw some changes here and there in my life, but when it came to some of the very important areas of my life, it just did not seem to work and I became skeptical, so everything that I manifested using the law of attraction methods seemed like a coincidence.

Even though I was doubtful about the whole process, I kept my mind open to it.

When I opted for Jeffrey Allen’s Duality program, I learned the reason why I was unable to use those techniques effectively in the past.

The reason was that I became too serious about this whole spiritual healing thing which killed what was most important i.e. “fun”.

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Yes, when you do energy works, you need to be playful and not get too attached to the worldly appearance of things.

You need to understand that sometimes it is not necessary to see the effect of energy healing in the physical world in the way you expect it to be, you need to go beyond your intellectual thinking in order to properly understand it.

What Does Energy Work Mean?

Gradually science is coming to the conclusion that everything is energy, and according to the spiritual teachings, our physical world is a manifestation of what happens in the spiritual plane.

We are basically the pure consciousness that has a physical body and an energy body, what happens in our physical world is a result of what happens in our inner world.

In this inner world, we carry all emotions and memory impressions that keep on getting reflected in our physical world until you release it.

The energy healing process is a method using which we release the emotional baggage we carry with us unknowingly, people are creating new stuff in their energy world and releasing the old ones all the time without even knowing it.

Whenever in life you felt like some massive change has happened in you as if you broke free from a repeating tiresome life pattern, it means that you have worked on your energy unknowingly!

However, when you get a deeper understanding of your spiritual world and you are able to know what to do energetically when things in your life seem totally out of your control. Gaining the knowledge about your spiritual body is an advantage that is available to only some rare conscious people because others are oblivious to the world existing beyond what they can perceive using their five senses.

Doing the required energy work before taking action on the physical plane will give you the best possible results in any particular situation.

Your Energy and Your Emotions

The only thing that is most important while learning energy work is to be aware of your emotions because that’s how you can get an idea of what is happening energetically.

Sometimes even though things seem perfect in our lives but we are not able to experience higher emotions, all those times our inner self is telling us that we have unresolved things in our energy which will be manifested in the physical world in one form or the other.

Similarly, many times something unfavorable happens to us yet we are happy, for example often people lose their jobs or have a breakup with a positive feeling, that is again an indication that a piece of particular emotional baggage has been released so that new things can show up.

Likewise, sometimes you might have noticed that you meet people who are very good and friendly, yet you don’t seem to be joyful in their presence whereas some people don’t even have to talk to you for you to like them.

This is not intuitive good or bad as most people think of it, what is happening here is that you are sensing the type of energies that are friendly to you on an inner level. So people with whom you did not feel good can be sensed differently by other people.

You can apply this energetic compatibility to any area of your life and when you sense that something is wrong, you can use energy clearing to make a positive shift.

The Method

We have talked enough about the energy healing, now let us talk about how it is done.

You actually can do it in many ways, you just need something to communicate with your energetic body or the subconscious mind as many people refer it to.

I have known that energy healers can look into people’s energy and work on it right away, so this also depends on how good you are at using the methods, it requires practice.

Using some very awesome teachings from some amazing people, I work on my energy with the help of certain techniques, I made a post on clearing your energy blocks which you might want to check out, there I show three steps that can be used for any particular area of your life.

I also wrote a post on an ancient Hawaiian technique called the ho’oponopono process which you can use for releasing old energies that are stopping you from moving forward.

But I want to show you a quick exercise for which you just need a little imagination, this is an energy clearing method you can use whenever you are about to take an action.

Let us say you are going to a real estate agent to buy a house and you want to be sure to get the best deal possible, here’s what you need to do:-

Imagine yourself in the office of that agent and having a conversation, you do not need to get the scenario image perfectly in your mind, use your imagination but more importantly feel as if it is happening.

See a white light coming from above, moving into your body and radiating out from your heart to the whole room encompassing everything present there, it connects you with that person.

Now say something like this “I wish this meeting to go in the favor of everyone involved, what would be your opinion about how should I conduct myself so that it can be the best ever deal I can possibly get?”.

If you hear that person saying something, do make a note of it. Next, take your awareness outside this situation as if you are watching a movie from above and try to notice any block that might not be allowing the energy to flow freely in that imagined situation, consciously see the white light dissolving all such blocks so that the whole scenario can be filled with pure white light.

You can use this for anything, it just requires a little bit of your ability to be open to the possibilities that cannot be perceived using your logical thinking.

If you want to use energy healing as a tool to solve your life problems and fix your energy to see how it improves your life, then I strongly recommend you to try Jeffery Allen’s Duality program because it has helped me a lot to learn how to use energy clearing to solve my life’s problems.

Here’s a short video from Jeffrey Allen where he explains how we connect with other people energetically:-

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