3 Energy Healing Training Programs That Changed My Life

If you are looking for online courses to learn lightworking or you want to clean your aura using some powerful methods then the energy healing training programs about which I am going to talk in this post can prove out to be very useful to you because they have had a very deep impact in my life.

When I started my personal development journey more than a decade ago, all I knew was a few methods based on the law of attraction, I am ever grateful to the book and movie “The Secret” because my interest towards these materials was born when I came to know about the working of the universal laws.

The best thing about the knowledge of deliberate creation is that when a person learns about it and stays consistent with those methods, they gradually become aware of their spiritual life. I believe that a major shift has happened in the past few years in the collective consciousness since a lot of people have started to become more aware as they have discovered the benefits of meditation, especially, mindfulness meditation is something which has become very popular in the past few years.

People are more interested in the methods now that allows them to connect with their higher self, they have begun to understand that their external life is a reflection of their inner states. For any person to improve a particular area of their life it is essential that they must work on the limiting beliefs present in their subconscious mind.

There are a plethora of methods to do, that but energy clearing has proven to be one of the easiest and powerful methods among them. With the help of energy clearing, a person is able to work on the root causes of the problems in their life. You not only get to know about your spiritual body with the help of this method but you also are able to solve deep unresolved issues of your inner world.

The emotional trauma and painful memories of the past that get stored in our inner world can be released with the help of these methods and it changes us completely.

Learning energy healing and practicing it is a life long process, just like you do exercise to maintain your health, these methods will not only give you immediate solutions but it will also be useful for you to stay emotionally healthy life long.

I have used a lot of energy clearing programs and methods, but there are three programs that have changed my entire life. I am an entirely different person than who I was 10 years ago, in fact, I can say every day I change because I am dropping my emotional baggage on a regular basis.

Now I will be talking about these three programs with you, I am trying my best to explain how they have helped me but there are no proper words that can describe the inner transformation I have gone through. External manifestations have obviously happened, I have increased my prosperity consciousness to a great extent and my online business journey keeps on thriving but it all pales in comparison to the inner shift that has occured.

My 3 Most Favorite Energy Healing Programs:-

#1 – Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon

This was the first energy clearing program that I ever bought. I remember the days when I used to see ads of this program everywhere, it felt like a sign from the universe at that time. In hindsight, it all seems to me that my attraction towards the works of Christie was my inner self’s way of telling me that I need to clear my aura.

I was broke at that time so enrolling for such a costly program was impossible for me, I remember I attended all her free masterclasses and also downloaded the bonus materials she offers in her love or above program.

When I started earning some good money, one of the first things I did was to opt for the unlimited abundance program, that was probably one of the best decisions I ever took in my life.

This program is a series of audio recordings from a live energy clearing sessions Christie had conducted earlier, in each of the modules she focuses on various common limiting beliefs that she calls as the energy blocks and clears them using her energy clearing statements.

In her program, she not only clears the energy blocks but also teaches you how you can use the tools offered by her in your life. When you go through these sessions, you can feel its effect. When I used this program for the first time I have cried in some of her sessions which I think was my body’s way of releasing stored-up energies. This program is the most recommended course to this date on my blog from the year I started writing.

# 2 – Jeffrey Allen’s Duality

Despite being an energy clearing course, Jeffrey Allen’s program is very different from Christie’s methods. This program is something that I bought a long time after Christie’s course and I have been very impressed with it.

Initially, I was very reluctant to try another energy healing training but gradually I realized that this course offers a deeper understanding of the energy work.

This is actually a training in energy healing, Jeffery Allen’s Duality is more like coaching where you get to learn about chakras, intuition, auras, etc. Using what you will learn in this program you will be not only working on your energy but you can clear other people’s aura too.

If you will say for example that the earlier mentioned program is like going to a doctor then this one is like becoming a doctor yourself. If you are someone who wants to learn all this from basics and wants to acquire the skills of energy healers then I don’t think there could be any other better option for you than this course.

This product, however, is not meant for people who are looking for quick manifestations, although that is a probability, I will only recommend this to someone who is serious about learning energy work rather than to someone who is focused on seeing the quick results. Also, this material is not recommended at all for people who are skeptical about the whole energy healing process.

Here’s a video where Jeffery Allen shares his thoughts on how managing your energy can change your life:-


# 3 – Hawaiian Updated Ho’oponopono Process

A spiritual method that I can only describe in one word “Miracle”. This technique is something I came across when I was reading the book named “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale. The book teaches you an ancient Hawaiian healing method called the Updated Ho’oponopono using which a psychologist is said to have healed a ward full of the mentally ill patients without even seeing them. Believe it or not, the story is quite popular in Hawaii and from there this process gained its popularity.

I don’t care much about the stories, I like to try things myself so I went on to use the method for a long time after reading that book but I gained a better understanding of this whole process from Joe Vital’s Ho’oponopono practitioner program.

This healing method is quite different in its approach, the science behind it says that we are responsible for everything that comes into our life, it asks you to take responsibility for everything without blaming, which is a real challenge. So according to these teachings, a person who behaves rudely with you is actually a situation that you have attracted in your life.

The process is quite simple but it takes a lot of dedication and faith to follow it. The clearing method taught in this program is forgiveness and love, as simple as it sounds but the crux of this teaching lies in the understanding that our unconscious memories are responsible for everything that happens to us.

You might have heard that we create our reality, using this process means to actually have complete faith in that saying.

What I love most about this whole process is that here we don’t tell the universe what we want, instead we allow the divine guidance to decide what is best for us.

So, these were the three programs that I believe are the most powerful courses present online for energy clearing because I have used them in my life and I continue to use this knowledge for dealing with every new life situation that shows up on a daily basis.

Which one of the above feels like the perfect course for you? Do let me know in the comment box below. Also, I would like to hear about your energy clearing experiences and your perspective on all these processes. Kindly spare a few minutes to share your opinion with me, I will be very happy to hear from you.



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