The Law of Karma Vs the Law of Attraction-Who Decides Your Destiny?

One of the most misunderstood universal laws is the “Law of Karma”.

Some people would limit everything in their life hiding behind the name of karma and some will strongly oppose the existence of anything like “karma”, believing that by doing so they are being courageous.

Well, the people who oppose the existence of anything like “karma” definitely have more control over their lives than those who are not willing to take the responsibility of their lives, but both types of attitude come from the lack of knowledge about the concept behind the law of karma.

Those who believe in the law of attraction could often be seen denying the existence of the law of karma because they assume that the concept of karma says that you don’t have any control over your life and everything is pre-decided, which is not at all true.

The Law of Karma has nothing to do with fatalism.

All the Universal Laws are Interrelated

The meaning of Karma is “Action” in simple terms, this law says that whatever comes in our lives depends on our actions.(that makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?)

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The law of attraction says that “like attracts like” and your thoughts create your reality.

One of the biggest mistake that people make is that they fail to see that “thinking” and “feeling” are also actions, so, the law of karma relates to all the other universal laws.

Actually, the law of karma is the law of cause and effect, but it is seen as some devil that will follow you for your evil deeds.

If a person can “let go” the impressions of past by cleansing their mind, then it is definitely possible to avoid the undesired future events that the negative thoughts and feelings could lead to.

Our Beliefs Is What Matters

It does not matter if we believe in the universal laws or not, they will keep operating, what matters is our beliefs because these laws work so precisely to make our world based on our beliefs, this is why it is so hard to change our beliefs because our old beliefs are giving a very strong illusion of the reality from which it seems impossible to escape.

When we take complete responsibility of our life, then only the journey becomes easy.

Reincarnations and the Miseries of the Newborns

Any discussion about the law of karma is always incomplete without the question about reincarnation and whenever there is a talk about “we are responsible for our destiny” a question annoys us- why then do the newborns suffer? as they are yet to form any beliefs in this physical world.

If we are spiritual beings living in physical bodies, then definitely there is a probability of rebirth.

But, the question if the law of karma or the law of attraction follows someone in two different births is something which is to be understood from a deeper level.

From my understanding, I really cannot explain this because I find this topic a bit impossible for our logic based mind to understand, but I can ask a few questions that were helpful for me to get a few insights from within:-

Is what we call a misery is really a misery for the inner being?

As the nonphysical eternal beings would we have been afraid to face what humans call pain or would we have been excited about coming forth to face challenges and to change the circumstances when we realize who we truly are?

If our thoughts and feelings can influence even the cells in our body, then can’t the thoughts and feelings of the mother and people who are around her influence the zygote or fetus?

I don’t know if this article answers any of the doubts of our curious mind or not, but, I have heard of Helen Keller, who was born deafblind, but she realized-“what I am looking for is not out there it is in me!”


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