3 Easy Aura Cleansing Techniques for Everyone

Everything about our lives depends on the state of our energy and that’s why I am going to provide some very simple aura cleansing techniques here that can be used by anyone.

Our energy is always changing depending on what kind of thoughts, ideologies and beliefs we accept, our reality is created by our energetic state.

So, it will prove out to be a very wise step if one focuses towards improving the quality of their energy before they put some effort in the physical plane.

That’s where energy clearing comes in handy because this process helps you to get rid of any blocks in your aura, thus it allows the life force to flow freely. And when that happens, your desires get manifested easily, your emotional state improves, your health gets better, your finances flourishes and you get into the state of flow.

What Is Aura?

I have talked about this energy stuff till now, but I understand that this is something very unfamiliar to some people, so I am going to explain it in simple words.

Aura is an invisible energy field that is present all around our physical body; we all have a unique energy system just like our physical bodies. Our reality depends on this energy system, even our physical body conditions are its manifestation.

Various ancient practices have a specific way of working on this energy and it is said that yogis and expert psychics can see people’s aura.

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Christie Marie Sheldon, the maker of the “unlimited abundance course” that I highly recommend here on my website claims that she can immediately see people’s energy by just looking at them and identify all the major energy blocks that are causing trouble in their lives.

I know it is weird, but I have seen many benefits of energy clearing sessions, so I know it is all true.

Two Factors That Decides Our Energy State

The true state of our energy is nothing but the true divine unconditional love, but due to the blocks caused by the layers of negative or lower energies we are not able to experience that true state.

Our energies get affected in two ways, one is the day to day negative patterns it picks up from other people, places and incidents and the other is the energy patterns created by our deep rooted subconscious beliefs.

It takes time and great effort to clear the latter type of energy patterns, but doing it creates an everlasting positive transformation in our lives. However, the negative energies that we pick up every day should also be cleared because it can result into another limiting subconscious belief.

So one process is like pulling out the weeds in the garden and the other is like maintaining it every day so that it doesn’t grow back.

Aura cleansing is all about taking care of your energy by getting rid of the negativity we pick up from others.

You can know this by watching your emotions, whenever you feel heavy and uncomfortable vibes there is a great chance that your aura is asking for some cleansing activities. That’s when these three techniques will help you: –

1 – Salt Water Bath

I remember my mother always used to tell me as a kid to take a cold water bath whenever I felt gloomy, and now I have realized how right she was because water not only cleans our body but it also helps us to get rid of the unwanted lower energies.

Sea salt is also well known for absorbing negative energies, so one very simple thing you can do for aura cleansing is to mix a cup of sea salt in a bucket and wash your body with it (or in a bathtub).

Additionally, you can also use essential oils, incense sticks and candles to create a good atmosphere.

Using some positive affirmations while bathing can also help, here’s one for example “I now allow the infinite love of the universe to flow freely through me”

2 – Grounding

Do you know the electrical circuits in our houses are connected to earth? This is done to get rid of the excess electrical charges that could otherwise harm the appliances.

Likewise, there is a spiritual way of grounding as well, which sends all the active negative energies in our aura to earth and here’s how it is done: –

1 – Sit with your back and neck straight

2 – Close your eyes and take a few deep, long breaths.

3 – When you feel relaxed, imagine a golden color light flowing from above into your head.

4 – Feel that this light absorbs all the heaviness and discomfort wherever it goes.

5 – Slowly bring this light from your head to toe by taking it through all your body parts, imagine that it takes away all the negativity from your aura.

6 – When this light reaches your feet, imagine it going down to the earth and thus all this negativity is sent to mother earth who accepts everything happily, thank her for that and slowly open your eyes.

I also use the cutting chords meditation I learned from the love or above course for this purpose, it helps me to cut the bonds I have unconsciously formed with people which drains my energy.

3 – Mindful Nature Walk

This may appear very simple to you, but don’t make the mistake of judging it because when done properly it has a great effect on your energy.

All you have to do is to take a walk in the nature, it could also be a park near your residence but the atmosphere needs to be serene.

Now here’s the important part, maintain your present moment awareness while doing this by being mindful of the beautiful visions you see, soothing sounds you hear, pleasant smells and the sensations in your body.

Our key purpose behind this is to focus on the present moment so that our mind could get a break from the unwanted thoughts that keep bothering us.

Once you become more present in each moment, you aura naturally gets cleansed.


I hope you enjoyed this post. You can use my favorite methods to perform energy clearing for getting rid of the subconscious blocks.

What are your methods for getting rid of negative energies? What are your views about energy clearing? Share your thoughts with me by commenting below, I would love to hear from you.

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