7 Reasons Why Lucid Dreaming Is Not a Sin

One of the stupidest things I ever heard was that lucid dreaming is a sin. No wonder some people will go on to say or do anything to stop others for trying something new, but it really disappoints me when they use fear of god for this purpose.

I know that many people have used their religion to oppose lucid dreaming and I really don’t have any intention to argue with those who are strongly religious.

What I am going to discuss here are few simple and straight points that will tell you why the notion that conscious dreaming is a sin, is totally irrelevant.

Some people have also argued that the fulfillment of desires that are unethical according to some religious teachings like lucid dreaming sex is sinful, but such kind of suppositions are also unwarranted and here are the reasons: –

1 – The Real Definition of Sin

Before discussing whether lucid dreaming is good or bad, let us take a look at how the definition of “sin” varies from person to person. Religions, cultures, societies etc. decides this for people.

It is very essential for societies to have the moral values for healthy functioning, but using the term “sin” to keep people in darkness is the biggest sin from my viewpoint.

So, you actually have the key to decide what’s good based on your common sense and inner guidance.

2 – Lucid Dreaming Is Completely Natural

Here’s another thing that many people consider as a sin- “Going against nature”.

This is the same mindset that has caused unfair treatment to many people; I just can’t understand how anything that happens in this world could be outside the limits of Mother Nature.

Anyways, lucid dreaming is not something which a person does intentionally every time. Most people have already had lucid dreams, however they never get to know it because they forget it within the first few seconds after waking up.

“Becoming aware of a nightmare and trying to end it” that’s a common lucid dream.

3 – God Is Not Your Dream Architect

Here’s another way of thinking which says that all our dreams are designed by the higher power and we should not try to control it since every dream carries a deep spiritual message.

Dreams do contain messages since they are generated by our subconscious mind and I do agree that our inner mind can tap into the infinite intelligence.

But all dreams are not meaningful, insightful dreams occurs very rarely and we fail to get the messages 80% of the time because we derive direct meanings from our dreams, however the actual meaning is often very much different from the obvious one.

Lucid dreaming on the other hand helps you to understand such hidden messages better and that’s why I would encourage you to do it.

4 – Dreams Are Not Real

Now we have reached to the plain fact about dreams – They aren’t real.

I have talked in many of my posts that our dream experiences are very much like the real ones, we feel all the sensations in our dreams also. But unlike the real world we cannot do any harm to others in our dreams.

Act of killing someone or stealing money is bad because that’s unfair to others. But if you murdered your boss in your dream, you will still see him in his cabin the very next day and even if that’s not the case, don’t worry, nobody will ever get to know about your super powers.. LOL.

One very good question that can be asked here is – Isn’t our actions in the dreams are based on our real intentions? Now for example, if a lucid dreamer is so interested in raping someone in their dreams, then I would definitely say that it’s time that this person must get some moral lessons or maybe therapy.

But, if that person has no such conscious intention, then I don’t think we should blame them.. why? The next point is the answer.

5 – You Don’t Control All Your Dream Intentions

It takes a lot of experience in lucid dreaming to be able to do exactly what you have planned before sleeping.

I always have this habit of flying in my dreams whenever I become lucid and I have never figured out why I am so interested in flying, I enjoy it anyways.

It took me quite a long time to remember my true intentions in my conscious dreams, but even if you have mastered this skill, still you you won’t be having the full control.

6 – Dream Figures

The speculative opinions of the narrow minded people that in your lucid dreams all the dream characters will behave as a slave to you, simply represents their incomplete knowledge.

Every expert lucid dreamer knows that dream characters never accept that you are the “dreamer” or the “controller of their world”, so beginners be careful!!

In case you decide to beat a dream character, there is a great chance that they will respond with a counter attack.

Hence, our inner mind naturally takes care of many ethical aspects when we are dreaming.

7 – Spiritual Growth

Contradictory to the prejudiced beliefs of those who consider lucid dreaming as a non-spiritual act, let me tell you a very big advantage of lucid dreaming- You can use it as a tool to advance spiritually.

Many spiritual practitioners use conscious dreams to explore their inner world.

Becoming aware inside your dreams gives you an opportunity to get answers to your deepest spiritual queries.

And yeah, I have also done meditation inside a dream, that’s a very good experience, if you are a lucid dreamer then do try it next time.


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