What Is the Best Lucid Dreaming Technique?

lucid dreaming techniquesFew years back when I became aware that we can control our dreams I spent months to find the best lucid dreaming technique and from experienced lucid dreamers I came to know that WILD is the most powerful technique however, it failed to give me the desired results.

After experimenting with various other methods I ended up finding the one that worked for me and realized that there is no perfect formula which works for everyone. So, an individual has to find his own best trick to become conscious in his dreams.

Don’t get discouraged by what I have said in the above paragraphs, since you are here to know the right formula for inducing the lucid dreams, you will leave this post with few LD techniques, essential tips to have conscious dreams and the method which works best for me-Who knows maybe it could prove out to be yours best as well.

But, before that I would like to warn you against people who are trying to sell products that contain the secret for inducing lucid dreams, please understand that this is a process which requires patience and efforts. So, keep yourself away from such scams.

Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD)

This is a simple and most used LD inducing process; it is where you do various activities which increase your chance to wake up in your dreams.

Dream recall, visualization, reality checks and affirmations are the tools of MILD and it is the best practice for the beginners.

Wake Induced Lucid Dreams (WILD)

Few people consider this to be more effective than MILD and as I mentioned earlier, this trick has worked well for a large number of lucid dreamers.

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WILD focuses on staying awake while allowing the body to sleep, when you are able to maintain your conscious awareness as you go from wakefulness to dream state it becomes easy for you to induce guided dreams and due to this there is a chance that you might have an out of body experience or sleep paralyses .

The Method Which Enabled Me to Lucid Dream Easily

My most favorite method is the one which not only works perfectly for me but, it also enables me to have multiple conscious dreams and it is the cycle adjustment technique which I learned from Rebecca Turner’s lucid dream fast track kit.

This technique is so simple that even kids could do, all you have to do here is to adjust your early morning wake up time so that you can use your “body clock”(natural wake up alarm of your mind) to induce lucid dreams for you.

In order to this-Wake up at least an hour before your usual waking time for about a week and afterwards go back to your normal time(even if you wake up and can’t sleep after that, just lie there with your eyes closed). Now, switch waking up time alternatively from normal time to the new one and you will eventually get lucid dreams in that extra hour sleep.

Few Tips to Have Lucid Dreams

-Keeping a dream journal is a must.

-Perform regular reality checks.

-Read lucid dreaming books or watch lucid dreaming movies before sleeping.


Try lucid dreaming foods.

-Practice Yog Nidra.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I would be very happy to hear from you on the comments section below and if you have had success with any other technique then please do share it with us here.


You can also mail me with any of your queries at hari@zerotoinfinitude.com, I will be very happy to help you.

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