Benefits and Significance of the Blue Glass Solar Water

I have been reading about the Ho’oponopono process from the last few days and while doing so, I learned about the blue glass solar water that can heal people’s blue glass bottle

In the book zero limits by Joe Vitale, he mentions that Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len suggested him to drink the blue glass solar water.

Dr. Hew Len is the person who healed a complete ward full of uncontrollable mental patients using ancient Hawaiian Ho’oponopono practice without even meeting them, this book tells that story.

Since the day I read about this, I have been investigating about it and from what I have learned I am going to provide all the essential information you need to know if you want to benefit from this particular ancient Hawaiian method of drinking water after sterilizing it using the solar energy.

What Is Blue Glass Solar Water?

Blue glass solar water is simply the water that has been exposed to sunlight for some time in a blue colored glass bottle.

Ancient Hawaiians used this water to heal their bodies and mind from their past agonies. According to those teachings, our body cells stores painful memories that cause all the sufferings in our lives and when the blue colored solar water enters our system it transmutes all those memories and negative energies.

About 70 percent of our body is made up of water so this makes a perfect sense that the element which can cause a major change in our system is water. Our body loves water, keeping oneself hydrated all day long helps them to keep their body and mind energized.

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We all know that solar energy has been believed as a catalyst to healing by many spiritual institutions and the blue color represents serenity.

It is said that blue color has the power to release stress and helps people to let go of the painful energies to which they were holding onto.

So when you purify water using the power of sunlight and allow it to take the vibrations generated by the frequency of the color blue, you make an elixir that can enter your body and restore its natural state.

Preparation and Usage

Get a glass bottle of any shade of blue color, you can also buy the blue colored glass bottles that are specially made for this purpose.

Now, fill this bottle with water (not filtered) and place it where sunlight can pass right through it.

The greater you let the water absorb the solar energy, the better it is, but you can use it after about one hour.

Do not use a metal or plastic cap for these bottles; you should be using a wooden cork or just cover the top by tying a piece of cloth there.

After that you can use this water in any way you wish to, obviously drinking this water is the simplest method to benefit from it.

You can make a cup of coffee or any favorite drink with this water, you can sprinkle the water wherever you want to remove the negative energy from your home or use it in whatever way you desire.

All the conditions I have highlighted above only applies before you put the bottle in sunlight, after that you can filter that water, put it in plastic bottles and you can even keep it in your refrigerator.

So that’s all I know about this Hawaiian method, I don’t really know if it works or not, but doing it definitely makes me feel more positive.

If you want to go deeper into energy healing then you can prefer the practices that I use for clearing my energy blocks.


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