Easy Methods to Have Wake Induced Lucid Dreams (WILD Technique)

“WILD” is one of the most popular methods of lucid dreaming, so here I will be discussing some methods that will help you to have wake induced lucid dreams.

This is probably the most used lucid dreaming method because entering into a dream with a strong intention of becoming lucid during the REM phase of sleep increases the chances of one to become conscious in their dreams.

Hence, WILD is simply a dream that is consciously entered from the wakeful state during the REM (rapid eye movement) cycle.

Since the rapid eye movement cycle is the phase of our sleep cycles where we dream, our mind is more aware in that state and this fact can be used to increase dream awareness using various techniques so that you could have lucid dreams.

There are many methods you can use for wake induced lucid dreams and I will be discussing some very effective ones in this post.

Waking Up before REM Cycle

More important than the methods, you will have to wake up at the right time otherwise it will defeat your purpose.

Identifying the clock time when you have REM cycle is the first step in WILD technique and this could be done with a little observation of your sleep quality.

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What I am going to tell you here is something I learned from David Debold’s Miracle Mastery program: –

Adults have 3-4 complete sleep cycles every night if they have normal sleep, a complete cycle consists of a deep sleep cycle (where the mind goes into deep unconscious levels) and REM sleep, which as I have already mentioned, is when our mind is more aware.

Rapid eye moment sleep is so called because our eyeballs keep moving during this phase, if you wake up when REM cycle ends, you will be wide awake and you will remember your dreams very well. If you have ever set alarms at different points while sleeping, you might have seen that sometimes when you wake up you are more awake whereas during other times you feel very sleepy.

When you wake up more alert, you have just finished a REM sleep and when you find it difficult to get up, you were in a Non-REM deep sleep.

You need to have at least 4 complete sleep cycle for a healthy sleep, so I advise you to set your alarm an hour before you wake up and observe if your mind is awake enough that you can write down your dream properly in your dream journal. (There are alternatives to dream journal, but writing your dreams on a paper is what I suggest)

There is a formula to find out your complete sleep pattern, which can show you all the REM phases of your sleep, which is explained in the chapter five of the Miracle Mastery book, but I advise you to do it in the early morning hours because a good night’s sleep is very important.

Best WILD Methods

When I say “best”, I am talking about the methods that work best for me and I believe you will also get similar results using them.

1 – Switching Waking Up Time

This is the lucid dreaming method which works best for me since this simple method has helped me to have multiple lucid dreams over a short period of time and I also love it because I really don’t have much work to do here (Yes, I am lazy).

Just wake up during your REM cycle time (or one hour earlier than normal) and go back to sleep, close your eyes and try to sleep even if you are not able to, keep lying in the bed until your usual waking time. The next day, wake up during the normal time, keep doing this on alternate days and you will start having lucid dreams in those extra few minutes.

What happens is that our mind becomes very active in that extra hour, which naturally increases the probability of lucid dreams.

2 – Reality Checks

Once you are fully awake during your REM sleep time, just walk around your room a little and do some reality checks to know whether you are still dreaming, trust me, that could be a false awakening, so do it sincerely.

You can look at your hands, the clock or your mirror image.. make sure you are doing it sincerely to know if you are dreaming, don’t be too sure that you know the answer or your mind will trick you.

Many times you will have dreams where you will perform these reality checks as you were doing it when you were awake, so if you are doing it properly, you will have lucid dreams for sure.

3 – Visualization

For people who want to be their dream architect, this method would be most helpful because here you imagine your dream beforehand.

Make sure you are fully awake before you do this, wake up and wash your face…listen to a song and move your body a little.. do whatever you can in order to make your mind totally awake.

Now lie down and imagine whatever you want to dream, just do the visualization by mentally going to a story mode, keep doing it until you fall asleep.

There is a chance that your visualization will continue as a dream as you doze off, but you need a little practice to stay aware and become lucid while doing this.

4 – WILD Meditation

This is something I wanted to share with you so eagerly because this method is probably one of the best techniques to maintain awareness while you are falling asleep.

You can use this method for frequent lucid dreaming once you get better at it; I have prepared it by combining a few things I learned from different places, there is a lot to say, so I have a whole different post on this lucid dreaming meditation method, which you can check out if you are interested.


One thing I would like to warn you here is that you might have to face multiple false awakenings and sleep paralysis with the use of wake induced lucid dream methods, so I recommend you to read my post on converting sleep paralysis and false awakenings into a lucid dream to prepare yourself for that and use it to your advantage.

I hope you found this post useful. I would love to hear from you so, please do write me in the box below. If you have something to add here, then you are most welcome.

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