Bob Proctor’s 11 Forgotten Laws Review-Go beyond the Law of Attraction

If you have watched the movie that spread the message of the law of attraction to almost every corner of the planet “the secret” then you must be familiar with Bob Proctor, who played a very important part in the whole movie.

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Bob Proctor’s work has inspired me so much that it reflects in the ideas I hold, I keep writing articles about the universal laws and the eleven forgotten laws program by Bob Proctor has been one of the greatest source for me to understand these universal laws better.

I must tell you that Bob has been in the industry of personal development for more than 50 years and one can tell by just watching him that he not only teaches these universal laws, but he actually lives it, he explains the complicated stuff in such a simple way that even a kid can grasp it, his confidence lights up the hope of his audience that if they follow what he says, they will get assured results.

This is 11 forgotten laws by Bob Proctor review in which I will discuss briefly on how you could benefit from this course in which Bob Proctor takes you to a higher level than the information you would have gained from the law of attraction materials.

What Does the Package Contain?

The program contains exercises and modules which will teach you the ways using which you could learn to be in complete harmony with the universal laws.

According to the maker of 11 unforgotten laws course, Bob Proctor, paradigm shift is the state towards which a person must aim because that is what brings a total change in his life.

Paradigms are set of beliefs that our subconscious mind holds, and these beliefs make us who we are and it decides all the aspects of our lives.

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Bob Proctor says that in order to change the old paradigms one has to supercharge himself with new thoughts every day, this is why he suggests reading a personal development book or following a program over and over.

Bob himself reads a page of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich every day, he must have been so determined for months to develop this habit because usually even one reading gives us  a false impression that “I know it all” and it is a bit hard to convince ourselves to read the same book multiple times.

However, with the modules where Bob Proctor delivers the knowledge with his high energy and confidant voice, it becomes an easy and interesting task to make it a habit to listen to it daily.

We are indeed lucky that we have such life transforming information in digital format now.

Law of Attraction Is Incomplete

There are many people who say that the law of attraction doesn’t work for them after trying a few LOA methods and unfortunately the number of people who have failed in using the law of attraction to attract their desired result is larger than those who have learned to use it.

The fault lies in the lack understanding of people, they view it as some kind of supernatural method using which they can magically “manifest” whatever they want.

Yes you can manifest whatever you want, but it is a very much practical and earthly process.

Bob Proctor explains this process in a way that you can actually apply the tools given by him to see evident outcomes.

You will have to re-program your subconscious mind in order to change your outer reality.

The law of attraction is just one of the many laws that governs the operation of the universe, Bob Proctor’s program makes you accustomed to eleven laws and teaches you to be in complete harmony with all of them so that you could train yourself to achieve your desires.

If you have not had much success in using the law of attraction then I think that your knowledge is incomplete and this program can be your next right step.

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