Ohm Store Tibetan Meditation Yoga Singing Bowl Set Review

In this review, I am going to share with you my opinions about this Tibetan meditation yoga singing bowl set which I bought recently.

This is not the first singing bowl that I have bought, I have used them before and if you are someone who holds some prior knowledge about singing bowls then you are going to be impressed with the sounds that this one makes.

It is a small singing bowl compared to many others available in the market, you may find it very small if your expectations are based on the image you are seeing here. It’s a nice antique looking item that you can use for yourself or gift to your loved ones.

The Sound and Energy

What matters the most while buying a singing bowl is its sound and you also need to know how to play it in order to judge this thing.

I loved the sound. Unlike many people, I don’t like to get technical by measuring the frequency of the sound being created. I prefer it based on how it makes me feel.

This bowl was very good, there are many other bowls that look good but does not fulfill the purpose. When I hold this singing bowl in my hands and start playing it, I can feel the vibration in my body, use a little imagination and you can fill yourself with the soothing energy created by the sounds and vibrations of it.

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If you know how to meditate on this sound then I am sure you are going to love it, I felt like the sounds created were so powerful that it immediately anchored me in the present moment by making me aware of the stillness behind the music.

You can practice mindfulness using this bowl, it is perfect for that purpose.

Should You Buy It?

I would advise you to go for it based on your requirement, if you are a beginner or you just want to use it for a few days then this would be good for you because it is really as good as any other expensive one.

I don’t know about how long it will be singing as good as it sounds initially because I have not used it very frequently, but it will work fine for a considerably long time that I can guarantee.

Honestly, in this price range, I did not expect this much good product.

I never trust a cheap Tibetan bowl. This was something I ordered for my friend who is not in a good state of mind so I suggested him to use a Tibetan bowl so that he could get back into the present moment using the sound it creates, I taught him how to use it and he was pretty much positive about it. I was not sure if he was really going to take my advice so I ordered this one to see if he is going to try it out.

He didn’t take it, so I started using it instead and since I was more than happy to use it, I thought I must review it here on my blog.

If you are someone who understands how important it is to increase your present moment awareness than I will advise you to go for this little Tibetan meditation bowl available at Amazon.

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