Spire Mindfulness and Activity Tracker Review

I have been exploring a lot of gadgets recently that helps people with the personal development activities and in this spire mindfulness and activity tracker review, I am going to share my experiences and views on this device that works to help you to track your mind state every day by keeping a record of your breathing patterns.

It is obvious that our state of mind can be known by observing the quality of breaths we take, when you practice mindfulness or when you have a heightened awareness of the present moment, your mind is relaxed and you to take slow deep breaths naturally.

So all these facts add up to the usefulness of this tool and it can really help you a lot if you are trying to improve your emotional state with the help of mindfulness exercises, however, it can also be used for the purpose of simply knowing your mind health better.
The device comes with an app that can be installed on your iPhone or Android mobile so that you can get the real-time readings, the app may get updated later to improve its functions.

One thing a buyer wants to know before spending money on something is whether the product will give them the results they are expecting or not, so now I am going to give you a clear idea of what you can expect from this spire mindfulness and activity tracker based on my experiences with it.

My Experience

For meditation, I have used muse the brain activity sensor, but this device is for people who want to know how their mind state has been during the whole day, I don’t really know how it works but this little thing is amazing because it sometimes gives reading quite accurately.

I am saying this because I like to keep an eye on my emotional states but the degree of awareness it requires is not always there so if we have something to tell us about the times and situations where we begin to think a lot of thoughts that is not good for our peace of mind, we can actively do something to work on it and I must say, this product exceeded my expectations and helped me to realize that I was being careless at times during my day. So, if you are trying to deal with stress then this is a must for you.

It detects your increased mind activity and reminds you to calm down. Some of its functions like receiving notifications that I have not taken long breaths for a while sometimes really feels like a meditation instructor is standing next to me, anyways, if you practice mindfulness exercises then this device will help you to use the techniques at the right time.

Spire fits in the belt loops of my jeans and most of the times I am not even aware that I am wearing it, so that makes me give it the points for comfortability also.

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Overall, I would say that I found spire to be totally worthy of the money I spent to buy it, however, there are few things you must keep in mind before buying it.

Few Things to Consider before Buying

Even though I am so positive about this product  I would like to make you aware of few things about it which may help you with the buying decision –

– You may not always get accurate readings from this device because it works based on your breathing patterns and not just your mind state, so if you will actively change your breaths then it may show wrong readings as if you are stressed, likewise, sometimes you may be a little tensed and it may not detect it if you are already aware of your state and taking deep breaths to relax yourself in such situations.

-Initially, it can be a little inconvenient to wear it but that feeling will go after some time and you won’t feel the device at all afterward.

-Even though this product has features of a speedometer, I will not suggest that you should rely on it as an alternative to a fitness band.


After considering the above-given points, if you are willing to buy this particular product then based on my usage of it I think you will be satisfied with your purchase.

I have been using this device and app consistently for a long time now and it has worked well for me until now which led me to write a separate review about it here on my blog, I don’t know if it is available in stores or not, but I ordered spire mindfulness and activity tracker from Amazon and I got exactly what I wanted.


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