Muse the Brain Sensing Headband Review

In this Muse the brain sensing headband review, I will be giving you my opinion and details about this amazing product that can be used to gauge your meditation sessions and you can thus stay assured that you are doing it the right way.

When I started my spiritual journey, I never really thought that one day there will be a device like the Muse brain sensing headband which can read my brain signals and tell me if I am meditating properly.

Though I always say that natural ways are better, there is no right or wrong way to meditate and you can only know it by how much your mind is wandering by staying alert. We all know that even if you have done it for years, it still gets difficult to stay aware of your thoughts sometimes.

Whether you are a beginner or you have meditated a lot, if you have something that can alert you whenever your mind starts wandering, you can definitely multiply the benefits of this process.

I have heard that in some ancient tradition masters will sneak up from behind and swing a wooden stick on their meditating pupil to see if they were aware enough to dodge it.

However, we are fortunate to live in a world where there are better ways to make spiritual progress without getting beaten up with a wooden stick, the device that I am going to discuss with you here is designed to monitor whether your mind is relaxed while meditating or if it is wandering, it also alerts you to get back on the right track.

You may be having a lot of queries like, does this Muse the brain-sensing device really work? Is it safe to use? Is it worth spending your money on it? How exactly can it benefit you? etc, etc.

Well, I will be answering all your questions based on my experience, but before that, I would like to give you a little information about the product.

About the Brain Sensing Device

You might have wondered how this headband can measure the activity of your brain, well I was doubtful in the beginning but then I did a little research on this particular product and found that it can really read brainwaves.

See, our brain generates electrical signals and it can be detected from outside the body, this is the same thing that doctors have been doing for a long time.

Now after using this product all I can say is that it really can sense when your mind is relaxed or active to a great extent.

This is basically a band that you have to wear on your forehead; it has about 7 sensors that will monitor your brain activity when you are meditating.

When you put on the headband, earplug and start the app, you will hear soothing weather music but when the band senses that your mind is not relaxed it will cause the music change in a way that you will be alerted to relax.

After every session, you will be able to track your mind activity using the statistics formulated by the app based on your experience.

My Experience and Opinionmuse headband reviews

Before buying the product I read that a few people were experiencing difficulties with the device as well as the app, but I was quite satisfied with this brain sensing instrument.

The truth is that I am well aware of how much usually a brainwave measuring gadget costs, that was the main reason why I was having doubts about whether it will work properly or not, to my amazement the band was more than what I expected.

Though I feel that one may take some time to get a proper idea of how to use this device, but once the sensors start to detect your brain activity, you will be astonished that this device knows how well you’re meditating. I will suggest you keeping it well charged in order to achieve best results.

The application worked well on my android phone, it acts as an audio feedback when you meditate, so you can get back into a calm state whenever your brain activity increases.

What I like the most about this app is that it designed to encourage you to meditate properly using some interesting game-like things like the app unlocks more features as you do it correctly.

Though it works best with the application audio, you can use the band otherwise to examine your other meditation methods. I have used it to check my brain activity during my usual meditations as well as while listening to om harmonics meditation music.

I think since this device is just for the measuring purpose, it is completely safe, I never felt any problem while using it apart from the fact that I don’t always use it because I prefer to stay comfortable while meditating, however, when I feel that I am getting distracted a lot it has been a handy tool to bring my focus back into the present moment.

I love the device and if you will read a few other reviews by people on Muse the brain sensing headband on Amazon, you will find that it has worked very well for many other people like me. So, from my opinion, it surely is worthy of your money and time.


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