Vishen Lakhiani’s Becoming Limitless Program Review

I have been following Vishen Lakhiani for a long time and here I am going to provide you a review of his becoming limitless program which has been prepared by him using what he has learned in his 12 years as the founder and CEO of world’s largest digital personal growth products publishing company.becoming limitless experiences

A few years ago, when Mindvalley was not that popular as it is now, I started following Vishen Lakhiani because the products they provided like “the unlimited abundance program” were so effective in my personal growth that I just cannot stop myself from being their fan.

What Vishen teaches resonates with my beliefs. I have learned a lot from him, so when I heard about the becoming limitless program, I had to try it.

I am going to provide a detailed information about this course here and also my experience with it so that you can get a better idea about this product.

Bending Reality

I love that term, Vishen has been using that term for a long time before he even introduced this course. According to him, we humans can be categorized based on four stages of consciousness.

The first stage is where most of the people live, it is what we also refer as the victim mindset where people find themselves imprisoned by the social and world paradigms. They think life just happens to them and they have no control over it, they are not even aware enough to ask questions.

He defines the second stage as the one where people seek wisdom, they start to believe in their inner power. This is where most people who are doing personal development works are, this is where the changes begin to happen.

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The third and four stage are described as the phase where you start to live the life implementing practically what you were learning in stage 2, it is about living according to what you aspired based on your willingness to break the barriers created by the lower consciousness.

The whole idea of the becoming limitless program is to equip you with the tools and techniques using which you could make that ascension to the stage 3.

About the Program

What makes this program so awesome is that it comes from a person who meets and works with some of the best names in the personal development industry on a regular basis, imagine how much this guy can teach you. I knew that this program was going to be a collection of some top notch methods because

I knew that this program was going to be a collection of some top notch methods because Vishen has tried and tested more techniques than what we could ever imagine.

When I bought the program, it exceeded my expectations, but before discussing my experience with the program let us take a look at the package.

Becoming limitless is an 8-week program consisting eight different modules for each week. In every module, you will receive various information, techniques and action plans that will help you to use your higher faculties so that you could become the person you desire to be.

The 8 modules teaches you a myriad of things, it will help you to break the walls created by the beliefs imposed upon you by the society in which you grew up and live life from the place where you can be at the state of total peace and yet progress in a never like before speed, it is something called the state of flow.

You might have read and heard about visualizations, the power of gratitude, being in the higher vibrational state etc, but in this program, you will learn the proper methods using which you can practically implement all these tools.

The modules get into advanced spiritual things as you proceed and final few modules will teach you how to connect with your higher self so that you could take intuition-based decisions. By using these methods you will experience the essential shift in your perception that is required for you to be a person who is both successful as well as spiritually aware.

But my favorite part is the final module which I find as something where Vishen is best at, probably because he is an example of that. It is something he calls “culture hacking”, where you help others to advance like you did.becoming limitless works

This 8th module was very important to me because I have had a pretty much success in my personal development journey but I never knew how to effectively help others do that and I have always only wished for it. I learned something very powerful in this program using which I can now impact the life of others positively.

So, if you own a business or if you are a part of a group/organization where you want to help people in improving their lives or if you have a common goal to achieve as a team then I think you must have this product in your collection.

In addition to this, there is a recording of group Q and A session with Vishen available for each module where he has answered enough questions that might clear all your doubts. You will also be able to get in touch with other people who are using the course, it makes the process more interesting and easier.

My Opinion

After reading this much you might be already knowing that I hold a very good opinion about this product, however, what I want you to know is that I am so positive about this program not just because of its quality, but due to the changes it helped me to make in my life.

Before I explain how this program affected my life I want you to understand that I was doing pretty well before I bought becoming limitless, I keep myself updated and I am always open to new processes, but I never knew that my life will take drastic turns after using this product for about 6 months.

There are two things that I want to share with you which I consider very important.

As I said before, I have been doing pretty well from past two years, my online business have been thriving and I feel happier than ever before but I was facing two major problems in life.

One was that I found myself incapable of inspiring others despite being successful in what I do, people hardly ever approached me for help and I always desired to share my gifts with others.

Another thing was that since I work from home, I don’t get to have a lot of social interactions, so, I was not having much company in the usual days apart from the time I take vacations to enjoy with my friends.

I must tell you, I have been extensively practising methods to eliminate the beliefs that are present in my subconscious mind and I don’t know why, before the becoming limitless program, I hardly noticed that I was having so many inner beliefs associated with business, my family has never been into business world before and I inevitably inherited those beliefs.

So I worked on these few things with the help of tools that have been offered in this program, and after few months, I received emails from people who wanted my assistance for achieving their goals.

Let alone my readers, some people who knew me before my blog, called me to get advice and clarifications regarding their creative power and spiritual connection. That really matters a lot to me.

More importantly, I recently received a call from my friend who wants to work on a business project with me about which we have discussed a few years before, I am going to meet a lot of people now.


As you can see I have more than enough reasons to suggest this product and if you are considering to try it out then you have my assurance. But in order for it to work, I want you to invest your time and energy daily in this program, you need to seriously follow the lessons and take actions if you want to make some great changes in life.

That’s all I have to share about the advanced becoming limitless program, for more information, you can visit their product website here.

Here’s an intro video of this product where Vishen explains the three stages I have mentioned earlier in the post:-


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