John Assaraf’s Winning the Game of Money Review – A Close Look

You might be already aware of John Assaraf, he was one of the featured casts in the movie “The Secret” which went viral a few years ago and he is also a New York Times bestselling author.

John has also appeared in various TV shows because of his ability to teach people the formulas and techniques to rewire their brain to that of a multi-millionaire.

Now, John has designed a very sophisticated program which is called as the “Winning the Game of Money” which helps a person to build a multi-millionaire mindset using various techniques that have taken him from being a street boy to a successful businessman who owned 5 financially thriving companies.

Altering Your Financial Set Point

Your financial set point is an inner benchmark in your subconscious mind of which you are not consciously aware according to it the flow of wealth in your life depends.

This financial set point is a result of the mind programming that includes your beliefs about wealth; most of these beliefs were passed down to you from your parents and your society when you were growing up.

John Assaraf brings to you a technology which will alter your financial set point pushing it to higher levels and thus prepare you to earn much more than what you were earning before.

Developing a Multi-Millionaire Mindset

This program is all about changing your old beliefs and installing new ones that is why it is called the inner game of money, John’s methods will enable you to think, act and behave like a happy passionate multi-millionaire.

For this purpose of developing new mindset John Assaraf and Mark Waldman has created a technology called Neuro-Retraining which quickly reprograms your subconscious mind to that of a wealthy person.(you will get a free access to a neuro retraining audio in this free master class)

The S.E.M.P Method

According to the maker of this program, there is a common mistake that most abundance seekers usually make which results in keeping them stuck where they are and he promises to rectify this mistake with his S.E.M.P method.

This method is said to be one of the biggest achievement in the author’s life and using it he went on to become a successful businessman from being a street kid.

Concepts of Deliberate Conscious Evolution

You will get to learn Neuro-plasticity and Neuro-imprinting which is said to be the two concepts of deliberate conscious evolution, it is known as the method using which babies learn to crawl, walk and eat naturally.

Usually, all the information we receive gets filtered through our conscious mind, but in this program, you will be able to send the billionaire beliefs to your subconscious mind without getting them filtered.

Using the perfect formulas taught in this program you will be able to predict accurately the financial goal progress that you will be making.

John Assaraf aims to prepare 20,000 purposeful millionaires before the year 2020 and you could be one of them if you follow his work meticulously.

To know more about this program, kindly, visit their product website.

John also conducts an awesome online event every year which is essential for anybody wanting to build a “success mindset”, you can register for that here – Brain-A-Thon Event

Here’s a Video by John Assaraf where he explains why approximately 2% of the world population becomes successful:-


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