Meditation Techniques for Concentration-Sharpen Your Focus

The busy life of people in today’s world trains them to be multitasking; in fact the one who is good at doing many tasks at a time is most admired. Alas, there is a very common by-product of multitasking which is “stress”.

People who keep their mind engaged in too many tasks actually find it hard to focus on a single work and where there is lack of focus there is lack of quality.

That’s why I am going to discuss a few meditation techniques for concentration here using which you can improve your focus.

Growth and improvement is possible only when a person trains his mind to be completely active in the task in which he is presently involved.

Students also require a high level of concentration in order to perform better.With improved ability to concentrate a person can get better in any of his skills.

You can  increase your concentration by practicing a few meditation methods so, lets look at those techniques that can help you to get a better control of your mind.

Tratak Meditation Method

Tratak meditation is the most appropriate practice to increase your ability to concentrate. There are many types of tratak meditations like inner tratak, tratak on a black dot, candle tratak and mirror tratak etc.

All these forms of tratak meditation makes the practitioner to fix his focus on a single point and to keep his mind free of thoughts.

Initially it is very difficult to escape from the heavy traffic of thoughts but, gradually with practice you become very good at avoiding the mind chatter and thus you gain more concentration.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a way to bring your attention completely to the present moment. Unlike other meditation methods this one is a anytime and anywhere practice.

One of the simplest methods to be mindful is when you are amidst of doing something,just pause and take 10 conscious breaths and then continue. Doing this resets your mind and enables you to get aware of the present moment, it also breaks the chain of any kind of unproductive thinking in which your mind was engaged before.

Since, mindfulness improves your ability to focus on the present moment by clearing the thoughts of past or future, it helps you to get immersed completely in your current task.

Chanting Mantra Meditation

I am including this meditation here because I find it easy to stop my mind chatter for longer periods when I am meditating on my own voice.

Chanting mantra meditation requires you to choose any mantra or positive affirmation and repeat it while focusing on the sound. Doing this makes you to shift your conscious attention from saying the mantra to hearing it. (The first time I realized what being an inner observer was while doing this meditation, when you do this meditation you can observe that the action of “speaking” is handled by your subconscious mind when you put your conscious attention on hearing your own voice)

Chanting “OM” mantra is most recommended, but you can choose whatever is convenient for you.

This post was based on just a single benefit that meditation could offer but actually, it can improve your life in innumerable ways.


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