Tratak on a Black Dot

In this post, I will show you the steps to perform Bindu Tratak (Gazing on a black dot) meditation which is very helpful for improving concentration.

I have already discussed Mirror Tratak and Candle Tratak, and here we will see how to meditate on a small black dot drawn on a sheet and use it as an instrument to achieve better control over thoughts.

Initial Preparations

Choosing a fixed place and time for this meditation is very imperative.(you can get some good ideas for this purpose in the post Creating a Good Atmosphere for Meditation.

Select a place where you get positive feelings and make sure that one will disturb you while doing this meditation.

Draw a black dot on a blank sheet, keep the diameter of the dot about 4-6cm and then stick it on the wall in a way that the dot gets positioned right in front of your eyes when you sit to meditate.

Steps to Perform Bindu Tratak

  • Sit in lotus posture, if you are not comfortable then you can use a floor chair, but make sure to keep your spine erect.
  • Sit 2-3 feet away from the wall where you have hung the sheet.
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths till you feel completely relaxed.
  • Open your eyes and start gazing at the black dot.
  • Do not blink your eyes, your mind will wander every now and then and when that happens just gently bring your focus back without fighting with your thoughts or getting involved in thinking.
  • Continue for about 10-15 minutes initially, however gradually you can increase the time duration of this process.

Bindu Tratak Experiences

After practicing for a long time you will see the color of the dot changing, you may also see the shape getting altered.

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Sometimes, this may become a distraction as you may get involved in thinking about what you are experiencing, just keep in mind that this is all normal and keep focusing without bothering about it.

The shape and color of the dot are not actually changing, it is just appearing like that and it is said that after mastering this technique a person can alter the shape and color at will so, in a way it indicates your progress.

After a while, you may also see the image getting disappeared and then coming back, be careful to not allow your excitement or any emotional reaction to affect your meditation.

Benefits: –

Caution and Tips: –

  • Splash cold water on your eyes and keep a wet cloth on it for a while after this meditation in order to avoid any irritations or headaches.
  • Do not practice Tratak if you have any eye related problem or if you wear spectacles.
  • Stop doing Tratak if you experience any strong discomfort.
  • Never try to force yourself to sit for a longer duration, allow the meditation to happen effortlessly and naturally.
  • You can use mindfulness exercises and vipassana meditation to calm down the mind chatter that makes it difficult for you to stay focused during this process.
  • This meditation is not suitable for minors.


I hope you enjoyed this post, you can get some more information on tratak meditation here and I would also like to recommend the book “Dharana Darshan” which contains a great deal of information on external object concentration exercises based on ancient wisdom that can help you with your spiritual progress.

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