Mindsets That Causes Money Issues in Relationships

It is essential for us to understand the factors that causes money issues in relationships because without this knowledge we may invite a lot of problems in our lives.

Most of the unsuccessful marriages usually have a lot to do with their financial situations, sometimes it is obvious whereas in most cases, people don’t actually know that the real reason behind the conflict is money.

I am not saying that money is to be blamed for the hatred that arises in the hearts of people for others, actually “money” as an entity has nothing to do with it, the subconscious beliefs that people hold about wealth is what creates the distance.

What’s more interesting is that often people’s inner mind creates many false reasons for them to fight with others and it never really seems like anything related to money.

In this post, I will be sharing with you a few things that will help you to improve your relationships with others by working on your “money blueprint “.

It Is Not about the Greed or the Desire for More Wealth

I am pretty much sure that many of you might have thought that I am talking about the desire to get rich, that also counts, but I am mainly talking about the tons of other ways you connect with others “financial wise” which also includes the hatred of money.

It is nearly impossible for a person who has no knowledge of their inner world to know what subconscious beliefs create their attitude towards wealth, their money mindset is one of the biggest factors that decide what type of people they will connect with and any change in this attitude will directly affect those relationships.

Your innate thoughts about money not only decide your financial situation, but it plays a big role in your personal and professional relationships.

So what can we do about it? Let see..

Pulling Money Out of Your Relationship Areas

You will have to leave those people who don’t really matter much in your life when their behavior towards you changes due to some kind of change in your financial situation because their hatred for you in that case would be due to their own psychological issues.

But, often there are deep, meaningful bonds that you might want to work on and this is a process that requires the efforts from both sides.

I am especially talking about marriages, with a careful analysis of the past you can know what beliefs create yours and your partner’s attitude towards wealth.

For example, a person might like to save a lot due a childhood experience where they faced financial scarcity during the time when they needed money the most, on the other hand their partner may have a habit of excessive spending, which might be due to an unconscious belief “money creates troubles” so they try to get rid of it as soon as they earn it.

Once you have come up with a proper belief list from both sides, you can work on changing it using affirmations, creative visualizations or energy clearing.

You can become each other’s assistant for doing this, and making action wise change is also important, like the spender will learn to save and vice versa.

In your family, you may be either unconsciously following the financial path of your parents and authority figures or you might be trying to prove their ways wrong, so in this case you should try to understand that you have complete freedom to choose a higher purpose for earning money than that. This will not only improve your family bonds, but it will also improve your financial situation.

When it comes to friendships, it is very essential that you should keep a watch that it should not be dependent on money in any way, you should neither be acting as a financial help for someone (unless they are in a serious need) nor you should be leveraging the comforts provided by a rich friend, because in both the cases it becomes a business of fellowship after sometime.

As I have mentioned before, to change these money related problems in your relationships you have to work on your inner world. For that you can use my favorite methods for clearing energy blocks.


I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your views on this? How have seen your relationships changing after a shift in your financial state? Share your opinions by commenting below, I would love to hear from you.

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