Smart Drugs for Cognitive Enhancement – What Are They?

I got curious an excited when I heard about the smart drugs for cognitive enhancement while watching the promo of a personal development product “the amazing you” that I reviewed recently. Since then, I have been reading and trying to gather as much information about them as possible.

I had many questions in my mind about this like – What are Nootropics? Does smart drug really work? Is it safe to use them? etc., etc. I cannot say all my questions got answered completely, but I have gained enough knowledge about it now to decide whether I should try it or not.

What Are Smart Drugs?

Well, as the name suggests, these drugs are brain enhancing supplements that can help you in various ways to perform better by increasing certain brain activities.

This is not about the old myth of 100% brain use like what we have seen in the movie limitless, but it is about improving your cognitive functions like memory, reasoning, focus, awareness, etc. by stimulating the brain parts associated with these activities.

The purpose for which these drugs could be used may vary from person to person, but in most cases, they are used by people who want to stay more focused in their work without getting distracted or tired for long.

Does It Really Work?

I have read a lot of things related to this subject and from what I have learned, it is not certain yet whether such supplements really have the expected impact on one’s mind or not.

Many American university students and people from all over the world are supposedly using these drugs secretly to perform better, but the effects reportedly differs for each individual.

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Modafinil, a drug for treating narcolepsy is one very popular such name which is used by many people to stay more alert all day long. People have claimed to have highly benefited from this drug in using their brain abilities more than before.

A lot of surveys have shown that many corporate guys and students are using such drugs regularly to stay ahead in the competitive environment, a plethora of such drugs are used for relieving stress and to become more mentally alert so that the individuals taking such pills could work more efficiently than a normal person.

There is no doubt that thousands of people believe that such drugs have improved their brain power, but it can also be another placebo effect created by the hype and rumors.

So, answer to the question whether such drugs really work would be a vague “yes”, because it indeed is possible to make one’s mind more alert and energized with the use of some drugs, but if it can enhance the cognitive functions of the human brain or not, cannot be answered with certainty right now.

Are the Smart Drugs Safe?

The drug, which I earlier mentioned “Modafinil”, became popular after Harvard and Oxford study proved that this drug has less side effects, the media then termed it as the safest smart drug. This drug is illegal to be sold without prescription in many countries and it has many possible side effects, insomnia is a common one.

But, but, but, this does not mean that this or any other so called smart drug is safe, why would you want to risk your life for things like this? I won’t!!

See, most of these drugs are actually manufactured for various mental afflictions and people have just made inappropriate use of it for other purposes. It may work well for a while in some cases, but I don’t think the end result will be that good, just a personal opinion.

You can find many Nootropics to buy online if you still are interested in trying it out, I would advice you to read the book “The Everything Guide to Nootropics” to know more about them before you buy any such product. I have also heard that the Ayurvedic herb named Ashwagandha is used for improving brain functions, and it is also being hyped a lot nowadays.

I don’t promote any use of such drugs, so I will never suggest you to try them, what I would recommend instead are some methods to make brain work at optimal levels in natural ways like by practicing meditation, performing mindfulness exercises, doing visualization etc.


I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your thoughts on this? Do you trust these types of supplements? Share your views by commenting below, I would highly appreciate that.

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