The Burning Bowl Meditation-Let Your Past Go!

You may have heard of it before or maybe it’s the first time but, people use the full moon day as an opportunity to release the impressions of the bad past from their lives with burning bowl meditation.

The concept behind this meditation is the belief that sees both “fire” and “full moon” as the energy of release, adding up both the meditation stands for eliminating and letting go of the limiting memories of the past that stops the growth of an individual.

People prefer to do this in a group for better results and they call it “the burning bowl ceremony”, a ritual which is usually performed in the New Year eve.

Fire, has always been considered as a symbol of purification and here it is used to burn away all the past experiences that become a hindrance for our spiritual growth, it’s a great idea indeed!

Steps for Burning Bowl Meditation

1- Create a peaceful environment for meditation or you can simply sit in a fresh and peaceful environment.

2- Place a small stone bowl in front of you.

3- Take few deep breaths and calm down your mind, ask your inner self or guides(if you believe in them) to assist you to find out three major things from the past that is not allowing your good to come to you.

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4- Write down those 3 things in a paper.

Note- We have advised you to write three things only because trying to focus on the more negative things from past will totally spoil the purpose of doing this.

5-Place this paper in the bowl with a total intention of releasing them completely, come into the surrender mode and feel the negative energy from you going into that paper.(Use your imagination here).. Let go your worries!!

6-Now lit the paper and as it burns..feel your problems getting erased from your life.

7- Meditate a little- feel gratitude for the release of those limiting energies, pray and visualize a better future and get up with the feeling of love and joy.


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